A lighteyes is a person with lightly colored eyes, such as blue, green, tan, light yellow, grey or light purple. Lighteyes are the ruling class in former Vorin Kingdoms, such as Alethkar, Jah Keved and Thaylenah.

"To you, a lighteyes is the same as a leader. In other kingdoms, though, other things make a man a ... curse this Alethi language. A man of high birth. A brightlord, only without the eyes.

Sigzil to Kaladin[1]

According to Vorin teachings, lighteyes are chosen at birth by the Heralds and marked for rule.[2] In the Vorin legal code of citizenship, lighteyes are classified by dahn; the lower the dahn, the higher one is ranked. For example, tenth dahn classifies one as being almost as low as a darkeyes. Thaylenah has its own system of ranks.


Palindromes are holy in the Alethi language. Nobility will often change one letter to create a child's name to evoke the holy term but also to avoid blasphemy.[3]

Brightlord and Brightness are lighteyes' honorifics.

Many darkeyes look at lighteyes with disdain.


Lighteyed women are very proficient at working with just their freehand.[4]

"Becoming a lighteyes does not grant a man any measure of decorum, it appears," Laral said.

Laral to Kaladin[5]

Mixed BloodsEdit

Foreign blood amongst lighteyes means stray hairs of another color (for example), like that of Adolin and Ialai. Ironically, mixed-blood is far more common in lighteyes than in darkeyes. Darkeyes rarely marry foreigners, but the Alethi Houses often need alliances or money from the outside.[6]

Q&A with BrandonEdit

Q. Are the lighteyes descendants of the first people who took the Shards after the Knights Radiant abandoned them?

A. I'm afraid I have to RAFO this too.[7]


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