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Fan art by Dominick Saporano[1]

Biographical information
Ethnicity Reshi
Nationality Iriali
Gender Female
Born 1160
Status Alive
Abilities Surgebinding (Edgedancer), Shardbearer
Family Mother
Occupation Thief, Knight Radiant
Appears in Words of Radiance,
Arcanum Unbounded, Edgedancer, Oathbringer, Rhythm of War

Lift is a thief of Reshi descent, who grew up in Rall Elorim. She is currently an unofficial advisor to the Azish Prime Aqasix. Through her bond with the Cultivationspren, Wyndle, she is afforded the powers of an Edgedancer, or the Surges of Abrasion and Progression.[1] It is implied that she spoke the First Ideal of the Knights Radiant when she 'captured' Wyndle.

Wyndle frequently complains that he was 'told' to bond Lift, while his preference is for a person of importance. The Ring instructed Wyndle to bond with Lift as she had visited the Nightwatcher and received a boon.[1]


Lift tj

Tarot card by Tara Spruit[2]

Lift has long black hair and the tanned complexion of the Reshi people. She wears a loose overshirt atop a tighter brown undershirt, which she tucks into loose-cuffed trousers.[2]

She doesn't match the conventional ideal of a Radiant, being not even five feet tall, thin and wiry, looking more like an urchin than a soldier.


Lift thinks of herself as a drop-dead (i.e., someone who doesn't intertwine, doesn't get caught up). Someone who goes her own way.[2]

She believes that she's supposed to stay the same, and the world is supposed to change around her. She asked for this.[2]

She declares that she's not stupid, but neither is she normal. She thinks that it's everyone else that's weird.[3]

Lift likes being on the move, but doesn't like being alone. For her, solitary is different from being alone.[4]

She admits to Wyndle that he should be glad she doesn't have much of an imagination.[5]

Further, she says he shouldn't worry. That she's dumb most of the time.[6]

Additionally, Lift states that if she gets to know others too long, others will start depending on her.[7]

She confirms that she can't bear responsibility because she's a starving street urchin.[7]

Lift doesn't usually decide to do things; she usually just does things. She takes challenges as they arise, goes places for no reason other than that she hasn't seen them before.[7]

When asked if she makes choices, or if she is molded by the greater good, Lift replies that if one could see inside her, one would see that she knows just for what she was built.[7]

Currently, Lift hates luck. She has trouble convincing herself that she hasn't yet hit an unlucky age of her life, so she's given up on luck. The more she thinks on it, luck seems the opposite of being awesome. One is something that happens no matter what one does; the other is something one does.[8]

Lift affirms that she can't choose, that she doesn't know how. She states that she doesn't make choices. That she goes where the winds blow.[8]



Artwork by Paul Canavan[3]

Lift thinks that shoes aren't worth any good and likes wearing soft clothing.[2]

She doesn't know how to write,[2] or read, for that matter.[9]

She runs on food,* even more than most people. She can draw some awesomeness from everything she eats, but once it is gone, she can't do anything incredible again until she has more to eat.[2]

According to Brandon, there is something going on with Lift's shadow, though he offered no specifics.[10]

Again, according to Brandon, Lift's spiritweb has changed to allow her to directly convert mass to Investiture.[11]

Lift's favorite food is that which belongs to another. It tastes better to her if she's taking it from somebody.[12]

Additionally, according to Brandon, she can only convert what she is able to metabolize for nutrients to Investiture.[13]

In her estimation, nobody ever pays any attention to her.[3]

Lift has never been good with time, though she can keep the important parts straight. Sun up, sun down. But the divisions beyond that ... she'd never found those to be important.[5]

She hates dreams because they either show her a life she can't have, or a life that terrifies her.[5]

Lift implies that her experience in the Bronze Palace was a stifling one, but Wyndle calls her on this, indicating that no one was forcing her into anything there, that they were merely offering her opportunities.[7]

Feeding herself had been hard for her, at first. Over time, she'd figured out the tricks and become good at it.[7]

Lift likes soft clothing. She thinks that the world can't be completely bad when it has soft clothes. She likes them loose.[14]

In acknowledging that she hates Darkness, Lift thinks that she never actually hated anyone before.[8]

Wooden buildings always feel flimsy to her.[15]

Lift hates waiting. She built her life around not having to wait for anyone or anything. She does whatever she wants, when she wants. She thinks this best ... that everyone should be able to do what they want.[15]

Insulting others is a favorite tactic of Lift's.[16]

She out eats Rock almost as if it is a contest.[17]

Yet again, according to Brandon, there are foods that Lift hates.[18]

Lift's bodily system is more efficient than that of a normal person; less poop, almost none.[19]

Lift's body disphoria is related to aging, and secondary sex characteristics are involved.[20]

Lift uses "starving" as a swear word.[21]

She perceives Nightblood as a "she," and Nightblood doesn't care.[22]


Lift is in possession of a flute, not unlike that of Wit.[23]


L W lilikaia

Lyft, Wyndle
Fan art by lilikaia[4]

For someone to allow her to stay in one place as long as she wanted meant that they wanted something of her.[2]

She believes that one can't live one's life getting up and seeing the same thing every day. That one has to keep moving, otherwise one starts to be known by others, and then, of one, they start to expect things. It was one step from there to being gobbled up.[2]

She also believes that if one stays in a place too long, one starts to be recognized by others.[24]

The shopkeepers learn your name. They smile at you when you enter, and already know what to get for you, because they remember what you need.

–Lift to Wyndle[24]

She thinks it's worse when they think they're one's friend, because they make assumptions. Of one, they think they know, then they start to expect things.[24]

Then you have to be the person everyone thinks you are, not the person you actually are.

–Lift to Wyndle[24]

In turn, Wyndle asks her who this person is that is actually her. Apparently, this is a problem for her. She'd known that once, she thinks, but wonders whether it had been that she was just young enough not to care.[24]

With regard to orphanages, Lift believes that rich people, like the viziers in Azir, imagine them full of saintly little children, plucky and good-hearted, eager to work and have a family. She hates how rich people made up this romantic dream of what an orphanage should be like. Perfect, full of sweet smiles and happy singing. Not full of frustration, pain, and confusion.[25]

She also believes that pity can be a powerful tool. That anytime one can make someone else feel something, one has power over them. She has to make sure that this never happens to her, because that's how she'll stay strong.[5]

Observing the children playing outside the orphanage, Lift tells Wyndle, "Everyone gets happy for a little while when you let them go outside."[7]

Lift thinks it good to remember that life isn't only about scratchy things. That sometimes it's about soft pillows, fluffy cake, nice words ... . Mothers.[14]

She thinks once one makes a decision, one is committed. That one is saying this is right.[8]

A part of her knows that ... she knew the truth of the world even when she went and asked not to get older. That being young was an excuse. A plausible justification.[15]

Additionally, she believes that when one is always busy, one doesn't have to think about "stuff". Like how most people don't run off and leave when the whim strikes them.[15]

Still, she believes that too few people listen to anything other than their own thoughts.[16]


Lift visited the Nightwatcher[26] and received a direct physical connection with Shadesmar, allowing her to physically interact with spren and metabolize food into Investiture.[1] Her curse is unknown at this time.

Now, she says to Wyndle that everything is changing. While she says that she's okay with that, that stuff changes, it's just that ... she's not supposed to. She asked not to.[7]

She's supposed to give you what you ask.

–Lift to Wyndle[7]


Words of Radiance[]

Thief AI

Artwork by Ari Ibarra[5]

Lift uses the Surge of Abrasion to enter the Bronze Palace of Azir and assist a small group of thieves to enter as well. While the others search for disposable goods, she sets off in search of food, followed by the awkward Gawx. He chooses to raid the viziers' quarters, while she aims for the party food. She succeeds, but is pursued by the Herald of Justice, Nale (whom she calls Darkness), and his henchmen for her thievery. She is captured and, though she escapes, they've also captured Gawx and present him as a hostage.[1]

Though threatened by Nale that she was becoming something very dangerous, she managed to earn a pardon for her crimes from the new Prime Aqasix of Azir, Gawx, whom she saved from a slit throat by using the Surge of Progression (or Regrowth). In so doing, she saved the Prime's life and spoke the Second Ideal of the Edgedancers.[1]


Chapter 1[]

Lift 'escapes' the palace in Azimir because she believes the people there were going to eat her. That they had started offering her whatever she might've wanted started to consume her.[2]

Chapter 2[]

She's aware that Darkness is in Yeddaw, much to her spren's surprise, but tells Wyndle that the reason they are going there is because the city has pancakes.[3]

She finds the city to be impressive, majestic, yet she'd come there to hide.[3]

Chapter 3[]

Still, Lift creates quite a scene with her antics - amongst those in line and those guards on duty - before even entering Yeddaw.[27]

Chapter 4[]

Lift reveals that she isn't supposed to be able to touch Wyndle, but that she can, which is very useful at times. Grabbing him, slowing her descent down a wall, she dashes into an alley within the city where she observes its oddities and the various people therein.[4]

Chapter 5[]

Lift remembers her mother, then tells Wyndle that the reason they left Azir was because people started to know who she is.[24]

Chapter 6[]

Having escaped another guard, Lift makes her way for Tashi's Light Orphanage, seeking food. There, she encounters Mik, banters with the Stump, and holds a conversation with Arclo.[25]

Chapter 7[]

After following Hauka to her home and a night's sleep, she learns from Wyndle that Darkness had entered Hauka's building. Lift knows that Darkness is killing people with powers like hers. She doesn't like the idea of him stalking someone innocent. Somebody like her, who hadn't done anything wrong, except for having powers he thought they shouldn't.[5]

Chapter 8[]

Tailing Darkness, for Lift, is a far different experience from tailing Hauka. In daylight, she needs to be worried about being spotted.[6]

However, she's right where she needs to be to observe Darkness' actions as he snatches up Tiqqa, then kills her, without remorse. Lift attempts to reincorporate the girl, to no avail. She then vows to remember her, because few others will.[6]

Shortly thereafter, Lift follows Darkness into a building in a better part of town by breaking into a window, having encouraged a tree to grow to allow her to reach it.[6]

Once inside, she discovers Darkness' breakfast: three plates of pancakes, with which she eagerly stuffs her face with a vengeful enthusiasm.[6]

Chapter 9[]

Creeping closer to where she hears people talking within the building, Lift sees that Darkness is wearing a stiff white shirt, and he paces before two underlings in uniforms of black and white, with swords at their waists. One of these is a Makabaki man, and the other a woman, who might possibly be Reshi.[28]

Looking in at Darkness, she finds herself to be terrified. Then, a voice whispers from the shadows and she sees a man sitting just inside the doorway, right where she is hiding. He argues with Darkness and, when he moves, he leaves an afterimage behind. She soon recognizes him as the Assasin in White and observes that Darkness doesn't seem to mind being challenged by the man.[28]

As the underlings prepare to leave, Lift notices that they glow with a phantom light ... like her, when she is awesome, and wonders what in Damnation is going on.[28]

Chapter 10[]

Back at the orphanage, Wyndle asks her what she wants.[7]

"Everything is changing," she said softly. "That's okay. Stuff changes. It's just that, I'm not supposed to. I asked not to. She's supposed to give you what you ask."[7]

Referring to the Nightwatcher, of course, Lift observes the children playing around her and admits to herself that she is taller than she'd been when she'd first sought the Old Magic three years ago.[7]

Chapter 11[]

Lift then plots to steal Darkness's "lunch" away from him (i.e., the person he's planing to execute). She accosts an elderly woman for information on a place in the city where people keep the things they write down that she might learn of someone who is doing strange things therein. She is rewarded with the identification of the Grand Indicium.[29]

Chapter 12[]

Lift's intent is to get into the building, have Wyndle read the content therein, and thereby discover just whomever it is that is Darkness's lunch. She decides to steal some important-looking clothing to gain her access.[9]

Chapter 13[]

Once inside, she is introduced to the scribe Ghenna, and is soon recognized by the description Hauka gave to the scribes. Nevertheless, determined to complete her task, Lift instructs Wyndle to find the spanreed requisite to contact the viziers in the Bronze Palace, and to them he writes her message.[14]

Having been found out, Lift becomes awesome while facing a number of scribes and guards. She's so slippery that she evades their grasps and then the spanreed responds with Gawx's reply. He states that she is to be given every courtesy and measure of respect.[14]

Chapter 14[]

In her concern for the people of Azir, Lift tells Gawx (via spanreed administered by Ghenna) that there is food where she is. That though storms might be coming, people still need to eat.[8]

When Gawx tells Lift that she can do anything she wants upon her return to Azimir, she realizes her dilemma: she doesn't know what she wants to do yet.[8]

Chapter 15[]

Later, while following Nale's underlings and Szeth through the Grand Indicium, Lift states that she has to get into the room into which the underlings have stepped, outside of which Szeth has stationed himself.[15]

Wyndle offers to do so instead, telling her that he doesn't think that the underlings' spren will be able to see him.[15]

When Wyndle zips back out into the hallway, followed by the underlings, Lift moves into the shadows, but is seen there by Szeth who tosses a glowing sphere her way.[15]

He then pulls Nightblood from its sheath and Lift feels a sudden, terrible nausea. Szeth studies her, then returns the sword to its sheath, and silently follows the underlings, leaving the faint afterimage behind him, and Lift much relieved.[15]

When she asks Wyndle what he learned in the room, he tells her that they know who the person is that they're to execute. He suggests that they follow them, which they do.[15]

Chapter 16[]

Following them is difficult, as she can't get too close, there are many branching paths, and few spheres on the walls. She makes it outside though, and hides to observe the trio.[30]

She watches as the underlings suck in the light from spheres, rise into the air, then shoot out across the city. Szeth declines to do so, then addresses her, asking her whether she's the one Nale is hunting. After briefly bantering with one another, he tells her his sword likes her.[30]

Lift traces the direction the other two have gone, where the sky is darkening as the storm approaches. She asks Szeth to confirm that the one he says is a Herald is wrong, that the Voidbringers are back. He says that the storm reveals it.[30]

Chapter 17[]

Lift engages her awesomeness, summoning strength, speed, and Slickness. She leaps away from Szeth and, unfortunately, lands in a humiliating heap after her feet shoot out in different directions. Then, she runs toward the orphanage.[31]

She can see that she should be able to slap her hands against walls as she passes outcroppings, buildings, gaining speed with each push, but she can't do it. When her feet slip out from under her again and she falls, her awesomeness heals her.[31]

Again, she throws herself into a run, and slides, yet clips the corner of a wall and winds up sprawled on the ground. She decides that even though her powers allow her to run at speed without getting tired, she should just run the rest of the way, feeling that it wouldn't be enough.[31]

Outside the orphanage, exhaustionspren swirl around her. Deep within the alleyway, she hears a raw scream of pain. Worn out, she sinks down in the middle of the floor of the amphitheater.[31]

Wyndle asks her if they should go in, to which she replies that she has no power; that she used it up running there. Even so, she stands up on unsteady feet and steps toward the alleyway. There, she finds the Stump standing in the doorway of the orphanage.[31]

She declares to the Stump that she has one meal left.[31]

Inside the orphanage after being deposited therein by the Stump, Lift notices that the children in the room seem frightened, uncertain. She then realizes that she'd sworn an oath to protect people like them, but that she hadn't meant to. It had just kind of happened.[31]

She tells Wyndle that she wants control of her life. That she doesn't want to get shoved around, by people or by fate or whatever. That she wants it to be herself who chooses.[31]

Encountering Mik again, she doesn't remember healing him. She realizes that although she said she wanted control, she doesn't even know how to use what she has.[31]

Chapter 18[]

Later, having left the orphanage to look for Arclo, Lift finds him in an alley spouting philosophy. She accuses him of having killed Nale's underlings, to which he replies that they asked for a contest and he gave it to them.[32]

Having witnessed Arclo's composition, Lift determines that his is just the likeness of an old man. A fabrication. Beneath that skin is not blood or muscle. It is hundreds of cremlings, pulling together to form a counterfeit man.[32]

In conversation with him, she questions herself, wondering whether instinct guides people, or they're just frightened and nobody has the answers.[32]

Momentarily, Lift realizes that the Stump is the Radiant of whom Darkness is in pursuit. As such, she starts running toward the orphanage.[32]

Chapter 19[]

Upon her arrival there, she notices that something is wrong because the door is open. She determines that the bar for the door had been cut through by a Shardblade.[16]

Hearing the whimpers of the children within, and the firm, booted feet on the floors of the second story, Lift draws in her awesomeness, and starts to glow. This has the effect of quieting the children who can see her.[16]

She calls out to Darkness, telling him that she's there. That she's the one he tried to kill - and failed to do so - in Azir.[16]

Re-encountering him therein, she instructs Wyndle to grow up a wall, then climbs. She then quiets her awesomeness, becoming dark as she reaches where wall meets ceiling, clinging to Wyndle's vines.[16]

As Darkness enters below her, Lift drops behind him. Even as he spins, whipping his Shardblade around, she throws herself backward and, hitting the floor, bursting alight with awesomeness, she Slicks her backside so that she slides across the floor away from him, eventually colliding with the wall below the steps. Untangling her limbs, she starts climbing the steps.[16]

After a bit of banter with Wyndle while moving through the second floor of the orphanage, Lift responds to a supposed entreaty from Darkness, then Slicks her way past him.[16]

Engaging with him in challenging conversation, accusing him of being some kind of emotionless spren, Lift then Slicks herself again, slips past him, and is caught up as he slams his knife down, catching her by the tail of her overshirt into the wood of the floor.[16]

Lift frantically tries to free herself, struggles to pull off her overshirt, Slicking herself but not it. She flounders, half blinded by her shirt halfway over her head ... when the Stump intervenes.[16]

When Nale pulls his dagger from the wood, then kicks her down the hallway, Lift protests, withdraws her Slickness, and rolls to a stop. She watches as he turns on the Stump, throws her to the ground, and stabs her with his knife.[16]

Lift realizes that Nale is baiting her because he knows she can heal the Stump. Then, she realizes that because she knows she can't defeat him, she has to change him.[16]

Sliding past both the Stump and Nale, she scrambles up the steps to the third floor of the orphanage. Flinging open the trapdoor, she emerges into Damnation itself.[16]

Upon the rooftop, she fights Nale with the silvery rod into which Wyndle has transformed, which glows in the darkness. Knowing that he sought to prevent a coming Desolation, she directs Nale to see the raging storm around them. Once he has done so, she swears that she can see the difference in his eyes as he realizes that he has failed.[16]

Lift is truly sorry and - since he realizes this - by instinct, she does something she would never have thought possible. She hugs Darkness, who clings to her, then shoots into the sky and vanishes. She then rushes down to heal the Stump.[16]

Chapter 20[]

Afterward, Lift tells Wyndle that he need not be a sword, but he counters that he must be metal when transformed.[33]

When the Stump brings her pancakes, Lift inquires as to who was at the door and is stunned that Mik's mother actually came back for him.[33]

After the Stump admits that she's been healing the children at the orphanage, Lift tells her she should have a weird little thing hanging around her. The Stump affirms this and Lift congratulates her on being a Knight Radiant.[33]

Lift then summons Wyndle in the shape of a large, shimmering, silvery Shardfork and stabs it into the pancakes, which goes all the way through them, through the plate, and pokes holes in the Stump's dresser. Still, she manages to pry up a pancake, out of which she takes a bite, and proclaims that such was majestic.[33]

Soon thereafter, Lift dismisses Wyndle, reasoning that eating with her hands is way easier than eating with a fork, even if a very nice fork.[33]

A short time later, Lift is informed by Ghenna that the Prime Aqasix is somewhat cross with them for cutting off communication earlier. Lift inquires as to just how the empire is doing and is told that it is surviving but in chaos.[33]

Lift decides to return to Azimir, much to Wyndle's surprise - yet excitement - because she believes that Gawx and the viziers need her.[33]

She reiterates the Third Ideal of the Edgedancers to herself and ventures forward out of the city, yet tosses a pancake to the guard captain of the gate, then uses Stormlight from the pancakes she'd eaten to start healing the wounds of the refugees there.[33]

Once she is done, and out of Stormlight, she strides onto the plain outside the city. She thinks that a better Knight than her might stay and heal everyone. Wyndle thinks this to be a big project, perhaps too big. She thinks it to be too small all the same.[33]

Lift knows that something larger is coming and that she needs now to get to Azir.[33]


Lift appears multiple times in Dalinar's visions that he shares with Yanagawn. The Stormfather doesn't bring her into the first vision, and claims that it should be impossible for her to be there otherwise, but she is tainted by the Nightwatcher. Lift tells Yanagawn that Dalinar shouldn't be trusted because he has a nice butt, and could only have one at his age if he fought a lot.[34] In a later vision, Yanagawn explains to Dalinar that Lift doesn't trust him because he acts so righteous and she believes he's hiding something.[35]

When Dalinar meets Odium, Lift hides behind some rocks and watches their conversation. It convinces her to trust Dalinar and talk to Gawx, promising to visit him.[36] Lift gets permission from the Azish court to unlock the Oathgate from their side.[37]

After the leaders and Dalinar meet in Thaylen City, a battle breaks out, and Dalinar orders Lift to steal back the large ruby gemstone that one of the Fused stole. She becomes awesome and slips through the soldiers who try to grab at her as she chases the Fused. After the Fused notices her, she displays powers similar to those of Lift. Lift tells Wyndle to go after the Fused while she follows, paddling on her knees while the other glides gracefully on her feet, making her feel stupid. When she's attacked by the Thunderclast, Lift is saved by Szeth.[38]

Szeth loses the sheath to his sword that threatens to consume him, so Lift tries to help. She leads him to Dalinar, but when the sword drinks the last of the Stormlight, Lift takes his hand and feeds life into him. The blackness that ate up Szeth begins to creep up her own arms.[39] When the sword is finally slaked with Stormlight, it leaves gray, vine-like marks on her arms.[40]

She and Szeth go after the Fused again, and Lift gets onto their ship. The Fused flies away, leaving Szeth to chase after her and leave Lift to follow on land. Lift comes up with a plan to swipe the real gemstone and make an illusion so the Fused only thinks she has it. She asks Shallan to help them. Szeth swipes the gemstone, and Lift takes it from his pouch during a faked collision, replacing it with a rock on which Shallan has placed an illusion. The Fused steals the fake gemstone back from him. When Szeth can’t go into the red mist around Dalinar, Lift takes the gemstone and brings it to him herself.[41]

Rhythm of War[]

(To be continued.)


Lift is unique in her ability to metabolize food into Investiture.[1] She has not exhibited the ability to breathe in Stormlight and, in fact, can't use it.[42] If Lift uses her Surgebinding without replenishing her energy reserves, she becomes malnourished and weakened.[1] Further, if she doesn't use the power, it eventually vanishes. This takes about half a day.[6]

Lift is able to interact with Wyndle even though he exists primarily in the Cognitive Realm.

Lift is able to cause plants to grow at an accelerated rate.[1][6]

Further, she is able to use Progression to cure mortal wounds. Lastly, she is able to cause portions of her body to produce no friction.[1]

Due to her uneducated and superstitious nature, Lift is unaware that she is a Surgebinder or that she synthesizes Lifelight[43] (according to Raboniel).[44] She instinctively uses her abilities and references it to 'summoning her awesomeness' or 'becoming awesome'. Lift is aware that using her abilities cause hunger.[1]

Lift is intrinsically able to hold meaningful conversations with street urchins in Yeddaw in their own language, as she understands just what feels right about it.[25]

To Lift, the power feels like it is alive sometimes. The essence of eagerness, a spren. It drives her forward as she dodges through people around her.[6]


According to Lift, in becoming awesome, she draws on the stuff inside of her, the stuff that makes her glow. She slicks the soles of her feet with it, and leaps into a skid.[2]

Then, the ground doesn't rub against her at all. She slides as if on ice.[2]

She can also make her face awesome, so that when she falls, she can keep right on going, skidding on her cheek.[2]

When a part of her is awesome, it doesn't rub on what it touches, it just kind of ... glides.[2]

She can also coat her entire self in power. This allows her to slice through the wind; air slides off her, as if can't find her. Even sunlight seems to melt off her skin.[2]

She was between places, here but not. No air, no ground. Just pure motion, so fast that she reached grass before it had time to pull away. It flowed around her, it's touch brushed aside by her power.

Her skin started to glow, tendrils of smokey light rising from her.[2]


Lift sometimes paddles around on her knees. This seems so much easier to her because she can balance that way, and use her hands to steer ... like a crab, scooting around this way and that.[2]

With regard to accelerating the growth of plants, Lift allows some of her awesomeness to trickle out, thereby encouraging the tree or seeds or vines, etc. to bud, unfurl, expand.[6]

Knights Radiant[]

As an Edgedancer, Lift must speak the Immortal Words of the Knights Radiant, which are a set of rules by which Radiants live. The First Ideal, identical for all orders of the Radiants, is used as their motto. Each of the Radiant orders then had an additional number of Ideals that were unique to each order. For the Edgedancers, these Ideals are as follows:

The First Ideal - Also known as the Ideal of Radiance.

"Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination."[45]

The Second Ideal -

"I will remember those who have been forgotten."[1]

The Third Ideal -

"I will listen to those who have been ignored."[16]


As an Edgedancer, Lift's ability to speak with others in unknown dialects may be related to her Resonance ... which is a 'perk' of ... or - again - a merger of ... each Radiant's two Surges.[46]



Lift met Hoid in between her visit to the Nightwatcher and her first interlude.[47]


Lift considers Wyndle to be a Voidbringer, and will ignore his advice or instructions as an attempted deception.[1] Still, she relies on him for her awesomeness and occasionally follows his suggestions.[15]


Lift and he have become relatively close ... though not closer than she and Wyndle. Even so, when in trouble, she reaches out to him, and he responds with all the power of his position.[14] He asks her when she's going to come back. Tells her that she's missed. That the Bronze Palace is her home now.[8]

The Stump[]

Lift initially describes her as a shriveled up weed of a woman.[25] Later, she reminds herself that she's a thief and a thug. That she's laundering spheres and using an orphanage as cover.[31]


Lift considers Darkness to be a shadow of a man. He'd treated her derisively, as if she were nothing. Worthless.[2] Nevertheless, the sound of his voice gives her chills. When he'd confronted her in the Azish palace, he'd been dispassionate, even as he half apologized for what he was about to do.[28] Later, she hates him, suddenly, with a seething ferocity that startles her with its intensity. She hates him more for the fact that it seems he does what he does without a shred of guilt.[8] Realizing that she can't defeat him, she resolves to change him.[16]


Lift begins to trust Szeth when he truthfully answers her questions regarding Darkness, and her questions with regard to Nale's underlings.[30]


Lift tells Dalinar that he smells like the Nightwatcher,[48] but the Nightwatcher is of Cultivation.[49]


*Brandon has said that Lift is one of a kind.[50]

During her interlude, Lift is ten years old and has been ten for three years. (She believes that an age which she can't count on her fingers to be unlucky.)[1] So, she is really thirteen years old,[51] or fourteen at the very end of Words of Radiance, postulating her birthday to be on Lightday, which is a little past fifteen in Earth years.

Brandon has said that Lift is one of his favorite characters from The Stormlight Archive. Part of his love of writing her is that he gets to slip character growth and meaningful moments into otherwise odd or silly-sounding phrases.[52]

According to Brandon, it isn't a coincidence that Lift was ten when she stopped aging.[53]

Also according to Brandon, had Lift acquired Szeth's Honorblade, she would've become both a Windrunner and an Edgedancer.[54]

Additionally according to Brandon, Lift is actually something that shouldn't exist, and this is relative to her ability to interact with spren in the physical world. He has also said that readers will find out why, likely in TSA 6.[55]


It's established that Stormlight can heal the toxic aspects of alcohol, thanks to the misadventures of Veil. It's established that shortly after consumption, Lift can metabolize caloric value into Stormlight. Alcohol is VERY high in caloric density, on par with sugar and fat, well above complex carbohydrates and vegetables. So Lift, once she gets around to trying booze, should be able to quickly turn the calorie value of alcohol into Stormlight which then cures the drunkenness. Indeed, alcohol might well be a good way for her to keep her reserves, since it keeps very well, can be produced from sources that don't work as food, and is so calorically dense. It also means she can beat Rock at a drinking contest, even if they both start with the same amount of Stormlight in gems.[56]

Q&A with Brandon[]

Q: Why does Lift feel that Darkness isn't a real person?

A: Because Lift is an interesting person who has her own perspective on the world.

Q: Will we get more with Lift?

A: You will get a lot more with Lift. She was written into the outline from the very beginning as one of the people who gets a book of her own. With Lift part of the inspiration was ... Boy, what was the inspiration for Lift? When I was building the Stormlight Archive I said "I want the Knights Radiant to run the gamut of different character styles, ages, and types of story." And when you say "knight" - When I say knight you imagine one thing, what you don't imagine is a thirteen-year-old hispanic girl, right? And I said "I want to have the people who are in the Knights Radiant to not be the standard what you think of." They are the entire world's cultures having different people. And so I said "What are somebody who does not fit that mold?" That you would say is not a knight. Lift was partially developed out of me wanting to build a character who was awesome but was so different from what everyone would think of. ‘Cause you say knight and they think of white dude in armor and I wanted something very different from that. And that's where she came from. It also came partially from my wife reading a lot of fantasy and complaining and she's like "You know the asians show up in fantasy, asian culture inspires a lot. European culture of course does. You see a lot of these things but where are the hispanics?" Yeah there's one. So she challenged me to put a hispanic culture in my books because I had never done it before and so Lift is an outgrowth of that, so are the Herdazians. They are meant to be sort of in the same way that the Alethi are inspired by Korean culture, mashed up with this sort of concept of medieval knights. Shallan is based a little off of Western American/Europe culture. The Herdazians are launching off some of the original hispanic concepts. So the thing is, you want every culture to be new and original but you are working from somewhere. And the problem is we all work from the same stories for so long that is part of the reason why fantasy is starting to feel so stale.[57]


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