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Lifelight is the physical manifestation of the power of Cultivation and a counterpart to Stormlight. It is unknown how its properties differ from that of Stormlight and Voidlight. Lift is accused of being fueled by Lifelight by a human visitor (suspect Mraize) to Raboniel. He states that her master should ask Cultivation "why she made an Edgedancer who is fueled by Lifelight and not Stormlight."[1]

Later, Raboniel explains to Navani, when examining a small diamond, that a faintly teal light is not Lifelight, which is Cultivation's power distilled.[2]


Navani says to Raboniel, "Three gods. Three types of Light."[2] That to which she is referring are Honor, Odium and Cultivation, and each their connections to Stormlight, Voidlight and Lifelight, respectively.


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