Kholinar market is where Veil hopes to get a feel for Kholinar's people. This market is very different from those at Urithiru, or the night markets of Kharbranth. It is obviously ancient, with worn, weathered shops that, to her, feel like they’ve been there for the first Desolation. The stones are smoothed by the touch of a million fingers, or indented by the press of thousands of passing feet. Awnings are bleached by the progression of day after day. The street is wide, and not crowded. Some stalls are empty, and the remaining merchants don't shout at her as she passes. These seem effects of the smothered sensation everyone feels - the feeling of a city besieged.[1]

Vendors peddle the usual range of necessities and curiosities, from ceramics to dining wares, to fine knives. Veil thinks it nice to see that soldiers had imposed some semblance of order there in dispensing grain.[1]


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