Drawing by Isaac Stewart
Type City-State
Location Frostlands
Inhabitants Kharbranthians

Kharbranth, also known as the City of Bells, is a city-state in the Frostlands, ruled by King Taravangian.

Kharbranth is considered a center of academic life on Roshar. It possesses the most extensive library in the world, known as the Palanaeum. Kharbranth is also well known for its extensive hospital system in which none are turned away and aid is given to all who are in need. The hospitals are funded by the King from the dues charged for entry into the Palanaeum.[1]

The city is built upon the side of a steep incline and is wedge-shaped, as if it is built into a wide crack, with the open side toward the ocean. The buildings are blocky with square windows, and appear to have been constructed of some kind of mud or daub. They are painted bright colors, reds and oranges most often, but occasionally blues and yellows too. Many bells, both great and small, are situated throughout the city, and some people hang them near their homes.[2]

Kharbranth is a free city. A small, politically fragile city-state, it holds little territory but has docks open to all ships that pass, and it asks no questions about nationality or status. People flock to it.[2]

Dalinar has heard people joke that in Kharbranth, one had to hang a bell outside to know when a highstorm had arrived, because otherwise one would miss it.[3]

The city's slightly southern orientation prevented such devastation from the Everstorm as was experienced in Thaylen City.[3]


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