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Glyphs from Navani's Notebook
Drawing by Isaac Stewart

A ketek is a complex form of a holy Vorin poem which reads the same forwards and backwards (allowing for alteration of verb forms), and is also divisible into five distinct smaller sections, each of which makes a complete thought.

The complete poem must form a sentence that is grammatically correct and (theoretically) poignant in meaning. Because of the difficulty in constructing a ketek, the structure was once considered the highest and most impressive form of all Vorin poetry.[1]


Above silence, the illuminating storms-dying storms-illuminate the silence above.

–An illiterate dying Herdazian[2]

Alight, winds approach deadly approaching winds alight.

–Navani Kholin[3]


of birthplace

the announcer comes

to come announce

the birthplace of Radiants.



Jasnah Kholin believed that Allahn, along with others, mistook the home of the Knights Radiant (i.e., Urithiru) as their birthplace.[citation needed]


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