A kata is a stance/form (not unlike Sword Forms) which is distinct to the use of a spear. Kaladin is a spearman, trained by Tukks, and employs his skills against Moash. The training is meant to work the muscles and make one practice the basic jabs, thrusts, and sweeps.[1]

Strength surged through him as he spun the spear up into an advanced kata. His body moved of its own accord, going through the forms he'd trained in so frequently. The spear danced in his fingers, comfortable, an extension of himself. He spun with it, swinging it around and around, across his neck, over his arm, in and out of jabs and swings. Though it had been months, since he'd even held a weapon, his muscles knew what to do. It was as if the spear itself knew what to do.

–Kaladin's experience[1]


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