Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Female
Status Alive
Physical Description
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Orange
Family Teleb (husband)
Occupation Historian, Scribe
Appears in The Way of Kings, Oathbringer

Kalami is the wife of Teleb, one of Dalinar's officers. She is a renowned historian who has requested permission to record meetings as she plans to write a detailed history of the war.[citation needed] She is also one of Dalinar's more senior scribes.[1]

Kalami has done scholarly work on Vorin theory. Of the Desolations, she tells Dalinar that they were destruction made manifest. That each one was so profoundly devastating that humankind was left broken; populations ruined, society crippled, scholars dead. Further, she states that humankind was forced to spend generations rebuilding after each one. She elaborates by saying that songs tell of how the losses compounded upon one another, causing humankind to to slide farther each time, until the Heralds left a people with swords and fabrials and returned to find them wielding sticks and stone axes.[1]

Of the Voidbringers, she tells him that they came to annihilate. That their goal was to wipe humankind from Roshar.She elaborates by saying that they were specters, formless ... that some say they are spirits of the dead, others spren from Damnation.[1]


Kalami is a thin woman with orange eyes.[1]


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