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Jokasha Monastery was ordinarily a very quiet place. Nestled in the forests on the western slopes of the Horneater Peaks, the monastery felt only rain at the passing of a highstorm. Furious rain, but none of the terrible violence known in most parts of the world.[1]

Some ardents fought half their lives to be transferred to Jokasha. Away from politics, storms, and other annoyances, at Jokasha one could simply think.[1]

The monastery is the central home of the Devotary of the Mind.[1]

Outside it are peaceful trees, a quiet brook, humid air, and mossy vines that pop and stretch as they lay out for the evening.[1]

In a low building beyond the library there, dozens of people gather information from spanreeds, talking to one another, buzzing with talk of this or that highprince or king.[1]


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