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Janala Lustow
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Social Information
Title(s) Brightness
Family Brightlord Lustow (father)
Appears in The Way of Kings, Oathbringer

Janala Lustow is a lighteyed, Alethi woman and the daughter of Brightlord Lustow. Her Calling is music and she loves ancient epic poems.[1] She is one amongst several women whom Adolin has courted.


She is beautiful, with luxurious, long black hair and a sly smile.[1][2]


She can be daring, teasing Adolin while he's known to be courting someone else.[1]

She was noted by Adolin to be very talkative about herself and court gossip, which he found dull.[2]

According to Shallan, Janala is arrogant.[3]


Again, according to Shallan, the pretty young woman stands with her nose perpetually in the air, and is the type of person whose very enunciation makes Shallan's skin crawl. The woman's arrogance is what Shallan doesn't like - not, of course, that Adolin had been courting Janala soon before meeting herself.[3]


Janala hates chasmfiend hunts, thinking them barbarous.[1]

She finds the drab (if honorable) blue outfits of Dalinar's army rather plain and tries to convince Adolin to change them.[2]

For Shallan, something feels ... off about Janala. Like many women at court, her laughter sounds rehearsed, contained. Like she uses it as a seasoning, rather than actually feeling it.[3]


The Way of Kings[]

She comes to fetch Adolin from a leatherworking shop, waving her handkerchief over her nose to ward off the foul smell, then bids him to walk with her.[2]

Adolin then drags her to a temple which she finds unromantic, leaving soon after.[2] After this rather poor date, Adolin's relationship with her is noted to be rocky, unable to be repaired by his expensive gifts.[citation needed]


She acts as Teshav's assistant.[3]

After having been asked by Adrotagia about what she means with regard to mechanisms in the tower at Urithiru, Janala says that they talk about the lifts, the strange fabrial column, the twisting hallways. That they try to understand these things merely from their designs. That maybe instead they should figure out the tower's needs, and then work backward to determine how those things might have been met.[3]


Her handmaiden is called Falksi.[2]