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Jah Keved
Roshar-Jah Keved
Type Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Veden

Jah Keved is one of the five Vorin kingdoms, west of Alethkar. Its capital is Vedenar. It is also the second-largest kingdom on Roshar.[1] During the Heraldic Epochs, the region was part of the former kingdom Valhav.


Jah Keved is situated in the eastern half of the continent, additionally bordering Herdaz, Tu Bayla and Triax. The Reshi and Tarat seas hold it to the north and south. It has two centrally located mountain ranges: the Horneater Peaks - home to the Unkalaki (Horneaters) - and Bavland, a small mining region.


  • Vedenar is the capital city of Jah Keved.
  • Valath, the city's 'Holy Enclave', holds one of the finest collection of tomes and scrolls on Roshar.
  • Northgrip
  • Elanar
  • Ironsway
  • Silnasen


Jah Keved, along with Alethkar, is said to possess the most Shardblades (around 20 each). They are also the only known nation to possess the Half shard, a fabrial-powered shield capable of deflecting a Shardblade.[2][3][4]

Veden People[]

The people native to Jah Keved are known as Veden. They are characterized by pale skin, reddish hair, violet eyes,[5] and are considered to be very formal around ardents.


Women do not change their last names when they marry in or outside Jah Keved.[6] Vedens do not change their names when they re marrying, regardless. It might be different for the royal family.[7]

Notable People[]