Biographical information
Ethnicity Purelaker
Nationality Purelaker
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Fisherman
Appears in The Way of Kings

Ishikk is a Purelaker, first and foremost. He is also (naturally) a fisherman. He is quite fond of a woman named Maib but isn't ready to settle down, so he often gives her fish as gifts so that she can't 'catch him'.[1]


Ishikk wore lake sandals on his submerged feet, a pair of knee-length breeches, and was shirtless. (Purelakers never covered their shoulders when the sun was shining.)[1]


Ishikk was hired by three foreigners whom he dubbed 'Grump', 'Blunt' and 'Thinker'. The foreigners asked him to locate a certain man, who answers to the name Hoid, with white hair, a clever tongue, and an arrowlike face.[1]

For five months, Ishikk traveled around the Purelake visiting the towns Fu Ralis, Fu Namir, Fu Albast, and Fu Moorin, but found no trace of the man they described.[1]

Ishikk thought the foreigners stupid, and was certain they used fake names. However, when they switched to another language, continuing their argument, Ishikk couldn't understand them. He'd never been good with other languages.[1]


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