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Isaac Stewart
Education Brigham Young University
Occupation Artist

Isaac Stewart is a native of Idaho Falls, Idaho. He is a longtime artistic collaborator of Brandon's, and is Brandon's Art Director of Dragonsteel Entertainment. He is also the creator of one of The Stormlight Archive's fan favorite characters, Nazh.*


His work includes the interior art of Brandon's Mistborn novels, and much of the interior art in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer, and Rhythm of War, including the chapter icons, maps, and Navani's Notebook pages, plus, the endpapers, star charts and symbols for Arcanum Unbounded, and the cover art for the novella, Edgedancer.

Isaac offers merchandise designed on his artwork for Sanderson's books through InkWing.


"I have told Isaac Stewart he is welcome to write, in the cosmere, anything he would like to, and I will coauthor it with him. I will work on it to make sure. Because Isaac was there from almost the beginning. Peter was the person who was working with me before the Cosmere was released, but I met Isaac in 2004, and Isaac started working with me on Mistborn art right then in 2004. I've told Isaac he can do whatever he wants; he's got a blank slate to be involved in the cosmere in any way he would like."

–Brandon Sanderson[1]

He also co-writes a webcomic, Rocket Road Trip, with Shawn Boyles.


About maps, Isaac usually thinks about who would be drawing a given map, and for whom. In the new maps that were done for the Elantris Tenth Anniversary Edition, those maps done for the Fjordell Empire, were created by cartographers who were worried that if they didn't do it right, they might lose their heads or be thrown in prison or something like that, and so they artificially inflate, maybe, the landmass of the empire, those sorts of things.[2]

So, he thinks about that, and then does fun things.

"Cause throughout history ... I mean, maps have started wars. You draw a line on a map and you say 'this is where one thing starts and another thing begins' and people dispute it. There was a whole thing about when Pakistan was separated from India, and somebody drew a line on a map and set a date and said 'this is the time when Pakistan will be Pakistan and India will be India' and then, like, a million people died in the war that came after that. So I'm thinking about these things when I make the maps, because it's a relic of history on the worlds. It's a way to really flesh out more of the worldbuilding."

–Isaac Stewart[3]

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*There are readers who've indicated that they think that Nazh will be the subject of a novella by Isaac.