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Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Iriali

Iri is one of the Silver Kingdoms in the northwestern rim of Roshar, bordering the Reshi Isles, the Reshi Sea, Rira, Babatharnam, and the Misted Mountains. People from Iri are known as Iriali. Iri is ruled by three monarchs, currently two kings and a queen. The Iriali queen has authority over foreign policy.[1]

Notable Locations[]

  • Rall Elorim- The largest Iriali city.[2] Also known as the City of Shadows.[3]
  • Kasitor - A large Iriali port city, second in size only to that of Rall Elorim. Also known as the City of Lightning.[3]
  • Eila - The city in which the ancient carving written in Dawnchant, the Eila Stele,[4] presumably originated or was discovered.


According to Brandon, the Iri are not native to Roshar.[5] However, they came in a separate migration from those people formerly of Ashyn.[6]


The Iriali have golden hair, a trait that breeds true,[2] not unlike the black Alethi hair.[7] The purer the Iriali, the more locks of gold in the hair. Many consider a lock of Iriali hair to be a ward of good luck.[8]

Since the climate in Iri is warm, the Iriali often wear scant clothing like waist wraps.[2]

The Iriali also paint their skin with colors and patterns. Plus, practically everyone in Iri has light yellow eyes.[9]

Zu, an Iriali Stoneward, is described by Adolin as having bronze skin that "seemed metallic," and blond hair "too golden," unlike his own.[10]


The Iriali are particular about chastity laws, and dislike public nudity.[2]

They also tend to be less quarrelsome and prudish than Vorin peoples to the east, and are rarely inclined to bickering or fighting.[2]


The Iriali worship a god they call the One.

According to belief, the One knew everything but had experienced nothing. And so the One became Many in order to experience all things. As each experience was different, each brought completeness to the One.

Eventually, all will again become One. Every individual is a different mind of a single being experiencing different lives. As Many, they need ignorance. Each fragment of the One's mind has its own body with different passions and inclinations. They each exist in variety to experience all kinds of thought.*[11]

The Iriali religion may involve fortune-telling with ocean waves, as a member of the Iriali court is the court tidereader. A spanreed meeting between the Iriali queen and Dalinar was moved up because of something seen in the waves.[1]


The philosophy behind the One is that the Spiritual Realm and the Beyond are the same thing. When a person dies, their soul rejoins the Investiture of the Spiritual Realm. Most cosmere philosophers disagree with this belief.[12]

Notable Natives[]

Notable Visitors[]


"We are Iriali, and part of the Long Trail, of which this is the fourth land. ... Eventually, all will be gathered back in - when the Seventh Land is attained - and we will once again become One."**



**The Iriali Long Trail is a theology that draws from past cosmere-wide experiences.


*A reader asks, could this be the purpose behind the Shattering? Instead of people, perhaps they are Shards, and they will at some point be put back together.

Q&A w/Brandon[]

Q. Evi, in Oathbringer, she uses strange idioms and you mentioned you wanna be on the lookout for people who use strange idioms ... . Is Evi native to Roshar?

A. Yes ... . Her people are related to the Iri, who are not native to Roshar. But she is not Iriali herself. And all the Iriali, they are native to Roshar, people who are born now, even if their people aren't. So Evi ... . You can say, right, like, no humans are native to Roshar. But, yes, she was born on Roshar.

Q. ... Would she might have some of the same blood in her that Vivenna and Siri would have?

A. Vivenna and Siri ... . Oh, from ... . Ah, I'll RAFO that.[16]

Q. The hair color: is there a link between the hair color in Warbreaker and the hair color in - like with the Alethi always have black, and I can't remember the other country that always have their gold hair coloring?

A. Yes. You are noticing something very interesting which was done deliberately.[17]