Biographical information
Gender Female
Status Dead
Appears in Words of Radiance (mentioned)

Invia is obviously a historical person in The Stormlight Archive. She wrote of the Willshapers in the Words of Radiance: Epigraphs for Words of Radiance: Chapter 50.[1]

And now, if there was an uncut gem among the Radiants, it was the Willshapers; for though enterprising, they were erratic, and Invia wrote of them, "capricious, frustrating, unreliable," as taking it for granted that others would agree; this may have been an intolerant view, as often Invia expressed, for this order was said to be most varied, inconsistent in temperament, save for a general love of adventure, novelty, or oddity.

–From Words of Radiance, chapter 7, page 1[1]


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