Ialai Sadeas
Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Alethi
Gender Female
Status Alive
Family House Sadeas
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Ialai Sadeas is the wife of Torol Sadeas. Sadeas describes her as "the most dangerous woman he [knows]."[1]

Ialai employs spies in Dalinar's warcamp and is said to run "the most impressive network of spies" there.[1]


Ialai has a slender neck, thick lips, large bust, and a wide mouth.[2] She is a curvaceous woman who reportedly dyes her hair. This indicates foreign blood in her family's past.[3]


Jasnah has noted that she is as shrewd as her husband.[2]

According to Mraize, both she and her husband were too wild a variable for the Ghostbloods to invite them into their fold.*

"Their motives are their own; I don't think they align to those of anyone else, human or listener."

–Mraize to Shallan[4]


While with others, she is the perfect Alethi woman. In private, she prefers to lounge.[1]

She is one of the few women whom Dalinar knows who likes masculine food.[5]


In the past, according to Dalinar, Ialai spent an impressive amount of time cooking up new schemes for getting rid of problematic allies.[5]

Present DayEdit

With regard to the murder of her husband and Adolin's supposed investigation thereof:

"History is rife with examples of soldiers assuming orders when there were none," Ialai said. "I agree that Dalinar would never knife an old friend in dark quarters. His soldiers may not be so inhibited. You want to know who did this, Adolin Kholin? Look among your own ranks. I would wager the princedom that somewhere in the Kholin army is a man who thought to do his highprince a service."[4]

With regard to the heir of House Sadeas (i.e., her nephew, who is too young), she names instead Amaram regent and heir to the house title.[6]

"Tradition is our ally, Dalinar," Ialai said. "I don't think you've ever understood that as you should. Highmarshal Amaram is our house's most decorated and well-regarded general. He is beloved of our soldiers, and known the world over. I name him regent and heir to the house title. He is, for all intents, Highprince Sadeas now. I would ask the king to ratify this."[6]


*Still, Mraize is watching her, because the Ghostbloods have interest in her.[4]


Readers don't know just why Ialai and her husband bore no children of their own, but have speculated upon the topic nonetheless. One thinks it fair to assume that any children would have been a liability to him (i.e., a way for others to get an advantage over him, and thereby his wife). Further, he was very cruel; not one to love ... yet, he was married ... to her. However, none have suggested that perhaps Ialai was the reason; not the nurturing type ... yet, she was married ... to him.


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