House Davar is a minor house in Jah Keved that had prospered in recent years, coming out of obscurity. This had primarily been because of Shallan's father's skill in politics - he had been hated by many, but his ruthlessness had carried him far. So had the wealth lent by the discovery of several important new marble deposits on Davar lands.[1]

Shallan had never known enough to be suspicious of that wealth’s origins. Every time the family had exhausted one of its quarries, her father had gone out with his surveyor and discovered a new one. Only after interrogating the surveyor had Shallan and her brothers discovered the truth: her father, using his forbidden Soulcaster, had been creating new deposits at a careful rate. Not enough to be suspicious. Just enough to give him the money he needed to further his political goals. Nobody knew where he'd gotten the Soulcasting fabrial to do so.[1]

That the fabrial had become nonfunctional, Shallan's bold plan was to find Jasnah Kholin, become her Ward, learn where she kept her Soulcaster, then replace it with the nonfunctional one. With the new fabrial, House Davar would be able to make new quarries and restore their wealth. They'd be able to make food to feed their house soldiers. With enough wealth in hand to pay off debts and make bribes, they could announce their father's death and not suffer destruction.[1]

Since Shallan's plan didn't work out, the family remains in financial trouble. However, with the revelation of her abilities to Jasnah, Navani was alerted by her daughter, and a message from Navani revealed that she and Jasnah had discussed arranging a marriage between Shallan and Adolin Kholin.[2]

Adolin is first introduced to Shallan by Jasnah, who asks her if a betrothal would be accepted by her if one was set up between she and Adolin. At this, Shallan was ecstatic, because she knew she would then be able to pay off the debt collectors that were tormenting her family.[2]

Once aligned with Highprince Valam, the family is now - technically - aligned with Taravangian (as Valam's heir), King of Kharbranth, and now also King of Jah Keved.[3] However, given her recent marriage to Adolin, Shallan has also aligned House Davar with House Kholin.[citation needed]



Davar Siblings
Fan art of members of House Davar by botanicaxu[1]

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