Horneater Peaks
Horn Peaks
Type Range
Location Jah Keved
Inhabitants Unkalaki

The Horneater Peaks are a range of high mountains located within - but apparently independent of - Jah Keved, and are the home of the Unkalaki (i.e., Horneaters). The Peaks are near Vedenar and sometimes the people there have red hair like the Horneaters. Rock indicates that they are cousins.[1]


They are majestic, densely populated at their tips, with villages clustered near vents that emit steam or lava.[1]


Rock tells a story about the hot springs of his homeland:

"On top, is water. Beneath, is not. Is something else. Water of life. The place of the gods. This thing is true."

–Rock to Bridge Four[2]

The waters within the Peaks are a Shardpool.[3] Sigzil describes them thusly:

"The top of each mountain forms a kind of crater, which is filled with a large lake of warm water. The heat is enough to create a pocket of livable land, despite the altitude. Walk too far from one of the Horneater towns, though, and you'll end up in freezing temperatures and ice fields left by the highstorms."

–Sigzil to Bridge Four[2]

Rock later recalls his homeland as a place of extremes: bitter ice, powdery snow, boiling heat, and blessed humidity.[4]


It has been confirmed that the Shardpool on the Peaks can connect to Shadesmar - or to another world in the cosmere - due to Azure's account of her arrival on Roshar.[5]


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