Honor's Path is the honorspren vessel upon which Shallan, Kaladin, Adolin, and Azure embark to traverse Shadesmar.[1]

Upon this vessel, Shallan and her companions spent their first week on board in the ship's hold. The honorspren gave no explanation when, finally, they - and Pattern - had been released and allowed to move on deck, so long as they stayed off the high deck and did not make nuisances of themselves.[1]


The ship is described as being faster than Ico's merchant ship. It has mandras rigged not only at its front, but also to winglike rails jutting from the sides. It has five decks - including three below for crew and storage - but these are mostly empty. According to Shallan, it feels like a war vessel intended to carry troops, but which doesn't currently have a full compliment.[1]

The main deck is similar to the top deck of human ships , but this craft also has a high deck running down its center from prow to stern. Narrower than the main deck, it is supported by broad white pillars, and likely offers an excellent view.[1]


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