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Highprince is a title given to the leaders of the different princedoms and aristocratic houses in Alethkar and Jah Keved.* Save for the king, they are the highest level of the aristocracy. They often fight each other over boundary disputes in Alethkar and compete for gemhearts on the Shattered Plains.[citation needed]



Alethi Highprincedom
Fan art by botanicaxu[1]

Alethkar has ten princedoms, each synonymous with the highprince who rules it. Its highprinces are:

In the distant past, each of the ten highprinces in Alethkar had been given a specific charge for the governing of the kingdom. This system had forced them to submit to one another's authority. However, things hadn't been done that way in centuries, ever since the fragmenting of Alethkar into the ten autonomous princedoms.[citation needed]

King Gavilar was taken by the idea, following his reunification of Alethkar, claiming it was a clever device, meant to force the highprinces to work together in an attempt to overcome their tendency towards rivalry. After Gavilar's assassination,[1][2][3][4] his son and heir, Elhokar, reinstated the titles of Highprince of Information[5] and Highprince of War.[6]

  • Highprince of Information - On the Shattered Plains, he had authority over criminal investigations, particularly those of interest to the crown.[5] In Urithiru, he is responsible for keeping order within the city by way of law and judgement, for building policing forces to patrol hallways and keep the peace, and to make sure that the highprinces do not extend themselves into areas of the city controlled by others of the highprinces.[7]
  • Highprince of War - Has authority over the combined armies of the kingdom.[citation needed]
  • Highprince of Commerce - Has authority over trade and merchants.[7]
  • Highprince of Works - Has authority over infrastructure and public works.[8]

Another as yet unnamed highprince has administration over judges and magistrates.

Jah Keved[]

Jah Keved's highprinces are:


* The title Highprincess typically refers to that of the wife of a Highprince.

According to Karen Ahlstrom, regarding the official colors of the Alethi highprinces, the following is from the internal Dragonsteel wiki:

* Dalinar: blue & white
* Sadeas: deep/forest green & white
* Bethab: n/a
* Hatham: green shirt with a darker green scarf?
* Roion: green & gold
* Aladar: black with maroon stripes
* Ruthar: red & blue
* Sebarial: deep gold on black
* Thanadal: red & brown
* Vamah: brown & gray[11]