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Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Herdazians

Herdaz is a kingdom on Roshar. It is located to the north of Jah Keved, and north and leeward of Alethkar. Its northern coast is on the Reshi Sea and the Steamwaster Ocean. Its inhabitants are known as Herdazians.

Herdaz has a single Shardblade and set of Shardplate that is passed down through the royal line.[1]


The Herdazian language is based on Spanish, with a heavy influence of mexican slang.[2]

Lopen has a tendency to use Herdazian words like gon, gancho, or mancha when referring to whomever he is talking.[3][4][5]


Herdaz is technically Vorin, but has its own brand of Vorinism.[6]


Since the coming of the Everstorm and the fall of Alethkar, the country of Herdaz had continued fighting. Thus, the enemy (i.e., the Fused) had finally decided to crush the kingdom for good.[7]


Herdazians are noted for their boastfulness as a cultural trait.[citation needed]

They are a tight-knit group.[8]

They're actually human-Parshendi hybrids like the Unkalaki.[9]


To a lesser extent than Horneaters, Herdazians have teeth that break claws. Their back molars are different from standard human molars.[10]

They have stone carapace on their fingernails.[11]

They use sparkflickers to start fires with those dark, crystalline fingernails and some kind of oil, which makes bursts of flame in the air.[12][13] They also wear sparkflickers as a kind of ornament without real martial application aside from their more practical use. For example, Havarah, Dalinar's bridgelord - of mixed descent - did not wear a sparkflicker.[14]

Known Herdazians[]


Herdazians, in general, came from Brandon wanting to reach to other cultures that aren't often seen in fantasy novels for some of his inspirations. So, a few of the Herdazian inspirations come from Hispanic culture.[15]

Herdazian food, however, is very different from that of Hispanic culture.[16]