Helaran Davar
Biographical information
Ethnicity Veden
Nationality Jah Kevedian
Gender Male
Status Dead
Abilities Shardbearer
Social Information
Title(s) Nan Helaran
Family House Davar
Appears in The Way of Kings,
Words of Radiance (mentioned)

Helaran Davar, formerly known as Nan Helaran, was the eldest son of Brightlord Lin Davar, and brother to Nan Balat, Asha Jushu, Tet Wikim, and Shallan. He was the only one of the Davar children who stood up to his father's brutal temper and blamed him for the murder of his mother.

Helaran was a full Shardbearer who was later killed by Kaladin.[1][2] His Shardblade and Shardplate were stolen from Kaladin by Brightlord Amaram.[1][3]

Helaran's father knew that his eldest son was a Shardbearer and attempted his assassination through Rin, the newest Captain of the Guard of House Davar whilst Shallan was still a child.[4]

Prior to his death, Helaran was suspected to be investigating an order of Knights Radiant known as the Skybreakers.[1][2] He might have been a Surgebinder himself as Taravangian suspected him of teaching Surgebinding to Shallan before he was killed.[5]

Mraize questioned Shallan about Helaran during his confrontation with her after their arrival in Urithiru through the Oathgate.[6]


There are many amongst the fandom of The Stormlight Archive who've theorized that Helaran isn't actually dead; that it wasn't Helaran that Kaladin killed when he killed the Shardbearer advancing upon Amaram's army. There are also those who theorize that Kaladin's killing of Helaran will come between his possibly eventual 'romantic' relationship with Shallan once she finds out that he killed her brother.[7]

In Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection, members of the Skybreakers were not only depicted wearing Shards, which could have been acquired, but are shown utilizing Stormlight.[8] Though readers never see any Spren, this suggests that the Skybreakers are not an imposter group assembled in Nale's madness, but a genuine order of the Knights Radiant. This further implies that Helaran's Shards were his own. However, his Shardblade is not described in Shallan's memory as glowing like a "living" Shardblade, and it not clear that the Shards of a Knight who was killed would remain as "dead" Shards in the same way that those left by Knights that had broken their Oaths had been. Wyndle made reference to not being able to get over Lift's (potential) death "for months," suggesting that he would not have become a "dead" Shard if she had been killed. This remains unresolved.


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