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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Dead
Family Taffa (wife), Seeli (daughter)
Appears in The Way of Kings

Heb was the identity of Dalinar in one of his visions, experienced during the Eighth Epoch, three thirty-seven. In it, he was described by his wife, Taffa, as having fought like one of the Radiants themselves for having killed three gods. (Heb had fought with a hearth poker against Midnight Essence - in the form of three beasts - and had employed his skill while in Smokestance in the process.)[1]

Prior to the onset of the battle, Heb had saved their daughter, Seeli, by grabbing her with one arm, rolling to the side, and pushing her behind him. He then took the creatures first by stealth, then in defense and finally by force, consumed by the Thrill.[1]

After the initial battle, Heb and his family fled the scene but soon encountered more of the creatures. Desperate and afraid, Heb continued to fight the beasts, falling into the most familiar Windstance, yet they continued to threaten his family.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Heb is stunned and amazed by the unprecedented arrival of a female Radiant and her companion, Harkaylain, both of whom fought alongside him to dispatch the Essence. Heb converses with her after the creatures had been destroyed.[1]


The conversation that ensues between Heb and the Radiants is portent to the events which occur in Words of Radiance.