Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Tashikki
Gender Female
Status Alive
Social Information
Title(s) Captain
Occupation Guardswoman
Appears in Arcanum Unbounded, Edgedancer

Hauka is a female captain of the guard in Yeddaw. She inspects wagons coming into the city for contraband or refugees, and gets farmers' papers notarized.[1]

She is antagonized by Lift as Lift is entering the city. Lift lands on Hauka's shoulders after exploding from a farmer's wagon, then leaps away while Hauka pursues her. Hauka grabs Lift's leg as Lift is escaping from a guard chamber. Hauka then releases Lift from her grasp in effort to grab a wagon that Lift has liberated from its chull. Afterward, she takes a break for the next hour.[1]

Hauka leaves her guard post dragging her feet, her shoulders slumping. Lift follows her thinking to learn where she lives. Unsurprisingly, this isn't too far from her post. It's an apartment carved into the rock wall just outside the immigrant quarter near the top of the "building".[2]

She gives Darkness a description of the events that occurred regarding her experience with Lift when he interrogates her on such in her apartment, while Lift, unbeknownst to any within, listens through the shutters on a window. Darkness asks Hauka to sign some papers relevant to her testimony. It isn't clear whether she signs them, but he tucks some papers into his coat pocket before leaving her building.[2]


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