The Grand Indicium is a large building in Yeddaw used to store records from the city.[1] The contents of the Grand Indicium are known to include report records from guards in the city,[2] but it is unknown whether or not that is the extent of the building's contents. It is open to people of importance as well as lawkeepers.[2][3]

Everything in the city revolves around this central point. Streets turn in this direction, curling up to it. An enormous swath of stone is cut around the building, seemingly keeping it secure from highstorms.[4]

Lift thinks of it as a fortress for books. Wyndle tells her that it is an archive. That the rooms in the building will be filled with laws, records, and reports. Thousands upon thousands of them.[4]

She observes that the entire building is filled with scribes rushing this way and that, carrying piles of paper to one windowless alcove or another. There, she also observes a concentrationspren.[5]

There is so much paper in the place that parshmen cart it about. Boxes of papers are hauled to scribes who sit at tables, surrounded by blinking spanreeds. Wyndle tells Lift that they are answering inquiries from around the world, passing information.[5]

Beneath the Indicium proper is a storm shelter.[3]


The Grand Indicium is the highest central point from which the rest of the city slopes downward.[6]

It is a moundlike bunker big enough to tower over the rest of the city around it, peeking up above the tops of the trenches.[1]

Lift thinks it rises like the head of a bald man seen peeking above the back of the chair in which he is sitting.[4]

It is a huge rounded mass of stone.[4]

Crudely, though she denies this, Lift describes it thusly:

"Kinda looks like the tip of some guy's dangly bits. Like some fellow had such a short sword, everyone felt so sorry for him they said, 'Hey, we'll make a huge statue to it, and even though it's tiny, it'll look real big!'"[4]

The building is described as being cavernous.[3]


Lift calls the Grand Indicium the Grand Indecision,[3] the Grand Indishipium,[7] the Grand Indigestion,[8] and the Grand Indifference.[9]


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