Glys Bonnie

Fan art by Bonnie Johnson[1]

Biographical information
Race Spren
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Shadesmar
Gender Male
Status Alive
Abilities Nahel bonding, affording Surgebinding
Social Information
Title(s) Unknown
Occupation Truthwatcherspren
Appears in Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Glys is the spren with which Renarin Kholin has bonded that affords him the Surgebinding abilities of a Truthwatcher.[1] Their bond grants him the Surges of Progression and Illumination.

According to Jasnah, Glys is one of the Voidspren. However, Glys has actually been corrupted by Sja-anat.[2]


As a spren, Glys takes the form of a bright red crystalline structure, resembling a snowflake, which shimmers and drips light upwards.[3] This is not the form of a normal Truthwatcherspren, who appear as light reflected through crystal on a surface.[4][5][6] His altered appearance is the result of Sja-anat's corruption,[2] and he intentionally tends to stay invisible.[7]

As a Shardblade, Glys is described as being long, glowing, thin, with almost no crossguard, and waving folds to the metal as if it had been forged.[8]


Little is known of his personality, although Renarin describes him as excitable.[9]


Although Rock has the ability to see all spren, he has never been able to spot Glys. He bows when Renarin isn t looking, just in case, and makes a sign of reverence to the hidden god.[10]


Truthwatcherspren are suspected to be of Cultivation due to the Surge of Progression they afford their Surgebinders.

Further, while the name of the Truthwatcherspren remains unknown, it is possible that they are the keenspren referenced by Wyndle in Edgedancer.[11]


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