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The Ghostbloods are a secret society searching for the secrets of the Parshendi. They are identified by a tattoo on the inside of their forearms (although it can be placed anywhere on the body)[1] in the shape of three interlocking diamonds. This symbol was worn by Luesh, who was Lin Davar's steward (i.e., Shallan's father's steward). This was also the symbol worn by the men who had come to her home and had pressured her family to return her father's Soulcaster to them. These were the men who had been financing Shallan's father in his bid to become a Highprince.

As a group, they appear to be somehow related to the Herald Ishar (Pious/Guiding), whose face appears in the chapter heading of chapters in which Kabsal appears or Ghostbloods are mentioned. Members of the Ghostbloods are an association that is influencing a number of events behind the scenes on Roshar.They have also been supporting the near destitute Davar household for unknown reasons. As well, they were the group that King Gavilar Kholin first suspected when Szeth tried to assassinate him.

To date, they have tried and failed to assassinate Brightness Jasnah Kholin[2][3] and Brightlord Meridas Amaram.[4]

Based on the information Shallan receives from Tyn's spanreed (after Tyn meets her ultimate demise),[5] Shallan learns that the Ghostbloods are also seeking Urithiru, though to what purpose remains unknown.[4] By the end of Words of Radiance, the goal of reaching the Oathgate, transporting the population on the Shattered Plains to Urithiru, the Ghostbloods are aware of Shallan's role in finding the lost city.


While what they ultimately want is unknown, such might be inferred from several things: it is hinted that they actually might want to stop the Everstorm and have done what they can to do so.[citation needed]

When Shallan accused them of killing Jasnah, Mraize objected that Jasnah had killed several of their members.[citation needed] It is unknown if their assassination attempt was to protect their organization's members or if Mraize was simply defending the morality of the organization.

They appear to have been an enemy of Gavilar since he indicated to Szeth that Thaidakar was too late.[6]

They are known enemies of Amaram and the group, the Sons of Honor.[4]



Welcome to the Ghostbloods! (Again!)
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  • Lin Davar - Shallan's father.
  • Brightness Davar - Shallan's mother.
  • Luesh - Lin Davar's House Steward and advisor.
  • Brother Kabsal - An ardent of the Devotary of Insight.
  • Thaidakar - A mysterious man who has been mentioned in conjunction with several important events that the Alethi Highprinces believe may have been orchestrated by the Ghostbloods.
  • Mraize - His real identity remains unknown.
  • Iyatil - A woman who dresses like a man and wears a red-orange carapace mask.


  • Tyn - A con-artist.
  • Shallan - As Veil or 'Little Knife', as Mraize calls her.


Members bore a tattoo of three interlocking diamonds on the underside of their forearms,[7] although Mraize informs Shallan that she can place it anywhere on her body.[1]


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