Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Tashikki
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Scribe
Appears in Arcanum Unbounded, Edgedancer

Ghenna is a scribe at the Grand Indicium in Yeddaw.[1]

Lift has requested of Ghenna that she call her "Your Pancakefulness" when addressing her.[2]

Shortly thereafter, Ghenna states that the scribes of Yeddaw take the secrecy of their clients very seriously.[3]


Ghenna is described by Lift as being fat. She thinks the scribe needs three shiquas to cover her. Either that or a shiqua made for a horse.[1]

The scribe wears spectacles and keeps her face covered, despite being in lands that know Tashi. Her shiqua covers her body completely, including her face.[1]

Once Ghenna pulls down her face wrap, Lift sees that she is pretty and a lot younger than she'd assumed.[2]


Ghenna intercepts Lift while she is trying to get into the Grand Indicium, and initially doesn't believe that Lift is a friend of the Prime Aqasix. She changes her mind on this after the Prime Aquasix sends a spanreed to Yeddaw, instructing the scribes there to listen to what Lift says.[1] Ghenna then goes on to assist Lift in contacting the Prime Aqasix via spanreed on a few different occasions.[2][4]


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