Gaz Brandonology

Fan art by Eva-D[1]

Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Occupation Soldier, Bridge Sergeant,
Shallan's Bodyguard
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Gaz was a bridge sergeant who oversaw all of the bridgemen. He has expressed some regret over the way that they are treated, yet solely in his point of view.[1] For some reason, he had to make regular payments to Lamaril, the Brightlord in charge of the bridgemen.[1] It is later revealed that he was being blackmailed.[1] After a while, he disappears.

Shallan later meets him on her way to the Shattered Plains, when Gaz has joined up with a band of deserters. She takes them on as her personal guard and Gaz goes with her to meet Dalinar for the first time. There, Gaz is confronted again with Kaladin, who had then become Captain of the Cobalt Guard.[citation needed]
Gaz Bota

A Lie But Also A Truth
Fan art by botanicaxu[2]

Gaz continues to be a part of Shallan's personal guard, along with Vathah, and brings her a copy of the book, Words of Radiance, as she is setting out for the assault on the Parshendi with a company comprised of Dalinar's, Aladar's, Roion's, and Sebarial's armies at the center of the Shattered Plains.[2]


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