Stormlight Archive Wiki
Biographical information
Ethnicity Azish
Nationality Azish
Gender Male
Status Alive
Social Information
Aliases Yanagawn
Title(s) Prime Aqasix
Family Huqin (uncle)
Occupation Thief (previously), Emperor (currently)
Appears in Words of Radiance,
Arcanum Unbounded,
Edgedancer, Oathbringer

Gawx was a thief from Azir, the teenaged nephew of Huqin, and the accomplice of Lift who sought to steal from the Bronze Palace of the Prime Aqasix, the Ruler of Azir.[1]

He had his neck slit by one of Nale's Skybreakers while they were trying to capture Lift. Lift then Surgebound him back to life using her Surge of Progression. He was then pronounced Prime Aqasix by the attending viziers because he supposedly performed the miracle of Regrowth.[1]

According to Lift, those within the palace expect all kinds of things of their new emperor. Lessons, displays. People come to watch him at every meal. They watch him sleeping.[2]

In Azir, according to Lift, the emperor is owned by the people, like a friendly stray axehound that seven different houses feed, all claiming her as their own.[2]

Further, about Gawx, she tells Mik that people pick his nose for him. That Gawx has a woman who does his hair, and that she sticks something up his nose, like little tweezers used to grab his boogies.[2]

Lift tells Ghenna that those in Azir (likely referring to the viziers in the Bronze Palace) changed his name ... that Gawx is kind of a dumb name ... and one doesn't want one's emperor to sound dumb, but that one can't stop that if he starts talking.[3]

Gawx saves Lift from the squires and guards of the Grand Indicium by issuing a message via spanreed from the Bronze Palace, read by Wyndle.[3]

Much later, via spanreed through Ghenna, Gawx sends a message to Lift in which he indicates that his empire will survive the storm that had passed through it, but that it will take long to recover, particularly if the storm keeps returning. He is also concerned with the issue with the parshmen, which he believes could prove to be an even greater danger.[4]

According to Ethid, the scions of Azir are doing what they can to play up Yanagawn's common roots while ignoring the fact that - as Gawx - he was intent on robbing them.[5]

Prime Aqasix[]

Prime Aqasix Yanagawn the First, emperor of all Makabak, is no longer embarrassed while talking to the viziers and scions. He understands much of what they discuss now, and doesn't jump when someone calls him "Your Majesty." Remarkably, he has started to forget that he'd ever been a frightened thief sneaking through the palace.[6]