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Biographical information
Ethnicity Bav
Nationality Bav
Gender Male
Status Dead
Occupation Criminal
Appears in The Way of Kings

Gavashaw moved into Bornwater and opened his own gambling den to challenge Makkek. He was considered to be an interloper there.[1]

Likely, he hadn't believed the reputation of Makkek's phantom assassin. He'd had reason to be skeptical. Szeth's reputation was inaccurate as he was far more dangerous than it suggested.[1]

Gavashaw was to be assassinated (by order of Makkek, who was in possession of Szeth's Oathstone at the time), but the method was up to Szeth. He picked one that would not require killing the man's guards. Still, when Szeth arrived to do so, Gavashaw had already been killed.[1]


He'd made his home in a large mansion on the eastern side of town. It belonged to the provincial landlord; Gavashaw had his favor. (The landlord had heard of Makkek and his quick rise to prominence in the underground. Supporting a rival was a good way to create an early check on Makkek's power.)[1]

Gavashaw had probably thought himself safe in the building, which was secure enough for a powerful lighteyes.[1]

The grounds were laced with shalebark mounds, cultivated to form small terraces. It was a mazelike garden, with guards at the building's doorways.[1]

The roof of the mansion was long and flat, sloped gently eastward - an unnecessary feature in a lait.[1]

A small rock dome covers a lower portion of the mansion.[1]