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Gallant and Dalinar
Fan art by dejan-delic[1]

Gallant is a massive black Ryshadium stallion and one of the largest horses that Adolin has ever seen. The stallion stands two hands taller - and is much stronger - than an ordinary horse.[1]

Gallant is Dalinar’s Ryshadium (i.e., a steed with which Dalinar shares a close and intimate relationship as his horse's rider and master).[1]


Gallant was a large black animal, bulkier and squatter than Sureblood, Adolin’s horse. Gallant looked like a warhorse even when compared to other Ryshadium. So far as Adolin knew, no man had ever ridden him but Dalinar. Ryshadium were finicky that way. It had taken a lengthy explanation from Dalinar to even get the horse to allow Adolin to hold the reins, let alone climb into the saddle.

Adolin wouldn’t dare ride Gallant into battle; he was pretty sure the beast would throw him off and run away, looking to protect Dalinar. To him, it felt odd climbing on a horse that wasn't Sureblood.*[2]


*The reason that Adolin had ridden Gallant was that he'd been impersonating his father in what was supposed to have been his father's meeting with Eshonai.[2]


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