Various foods are unique to Roshar. Amongst others as yet unknown, these include:

  • Avramelon - A fruit of which Danlan is quite fond.[1]
  • Chouta - A rolled flatbread filled with meat covered in gravy.[2]
  • Clemabread - A large, baked roll, thick and granular, with spicy paste at the center. Lift thinks that it isn't particularly good, but that it is filling. Still, it breaks apart easily, almost more of a mush.[3] Further, she thinks the rolls are only slightly better than gruel, which is only slightly better than cold socks.[4]
  • Cremling claws - Deep-fried, they make chouta crunchy. Rock enjoys his chouta this way.[5]
  • Curry - A stew made for either men or women.[6][7]
  • Flangria - A Soulcast meat mixed with ground lavis, then made into little balls, battered up and fried, stuffed into fried bread, then covered with gravy (i.e., chouta).[5]
  • Haspers - Stranna haspers are steamed in the shell.[7]
  • Lavis - A grain that is a labor-intensive crop to cultivate, but also a profitable one.[8] From it are made beer, ale and liquor (or hard honu).[9][10][11] Steamed lavis is added to boiled, spiced vegetable broth, tasting like home, according to Kaladin.[12]
  • Lanka claws - Cooked in a savory broth, for men.[13]
  • Lazbo - A spicy powder that Huio adds to a batch of shiki. Rock is surprised and impressed by its suitability.[14]
  • Lunamor's stew - Longroots cook before adding meat from finger crabs that he spends all night shelling because one couldn't cook that too long or it got rubbery.[14]
  • Pancakes - There are ten varieties of them.[15]
  • Pork - Served in slabs, in a peppery sauce, for men.[13]
  • Shiki - A brownish Horneater drink that Lunamor chills overnight in metal bins on the plateau outside Urithiru.[14]
  • Stagm - A brownish tuber that grows in deep puddles.[16]
  • Tallew - A grain that puffs up when boiled in water.[16]
  • Treb - A grain that grows in bunches inside hard pods on vines. Grown in slits in stone, the vines bunch up and grow pods that get wedged so they don't tumble free in storms.[17]

Women's vs. Men'sEdit

In the Vorin kingdoms of Alethkar and Jah Keved, the food consumed by women is different from that consumed by men. While Dalinar finds the food of women to be distastefully sweet,[18] Shallan later finds the food of men to be distastefully spicy.[7]

Within said kingdoms, to sit at the king's table at a feast remains a masculine dining reservation.[18]


"Their milk products are much lesser used, but they do get cream and whatnot from sow's milk. The pigs on Roshar produce more milk from years of natural genetic modification - breeding and whatnot - in the same way that humans have bred cows over the centuries. So they do have milk products. Some of their curries will have different types of cream. Whether they're dipping the crustaceans depends on the culture. For instance, Horneaters have teeth that break claws. Their back molars are different from standard human molars. To a lesser extent, the Herdazians have the same thing going for them. For those two cultures, they’ll chew the shells and eat them. For the Alethi, they're probably dipping the meat in a curry, or just preparing the curry with the crustacean meat in it. There are other cultures where they'll saute it or have a sow's milk dipping sauce or things like that."

Brandon Sanderson[19]


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