Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Dead
Appears in Words of Radiance

Fleet is a character in one of Wit's stories with which he regales Kaladin through music played on a stringed instrument. Like all of Wit's stories, he tells the story of Fleet to make a point.[1]

Fleet is supposed to have been the fastest man ever to have lived. He raced the Herald, Chanarach, and won. His goal was to beat the wind, and race a storm, thereby tempting the God of Storms.[1]

Story's ProgressionEdit

Fleet ran quick and sure, taking an early lead. But mountains he encountered slowed his pace on the way up, yet his speed returned downside. However, he grew weaker as the end approached and the wind and storm caught him up as he again faced more mountains to climb and lost his lead on the way down again. Then there was a sunken land and that he crossed with grief, but there the storm also wilted. In Shinovar, the sea and the race beckoned, but Fleet never made it.[1]


Kaladin learns a valuable lesson through the parable of Wit's lay.

For glory lit, and life alive, for goals unreached and aims to strive. All men must try, the wind did see. It is the test, it is the dream.

–Wit to Kaladin[1]

Wit's PointEdit

The point of the story was that every man tries - and must keep trying - if he wants to achieve his goal. Even if he doesn't achieve his goal, it is more important that he tried with everything he had to do so, rather than giving up. Wit used this story to show Kaladin that he must try to do what he believes even when all might be lost.[1] This point helped to change Kaladin's mind about Elhokar and save him.[citation needed]


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