Firemoss is an addictive substance that is a native form of plant life to Roshar. Used as a "relaxant" by most of at least Alethi society, it is actually a strong narcotic that a person can become heavily dependent upon with little effort.[citation needed]

As with all narcotic substances, repeated use and addiction requires more of the substance to achieve the same results. When a person is this dependent on firemoss, a night out using it is nicknamed "mossing," which is usually to the level of incoherence and delirium.[citation needed]


When rubbed between fingers, the friction ignites the moss and sends out a cloud of vapor that is inhaled. This is said to make a person's mind more receptive to thoughts and ideas.[1]

Once a person grows callouses on his/her thumbs and fingertips, the rubbing is said to be euphoric.[1]


Teft is addicted to firemoss.[citation needed]


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