The Female Shardbearer
Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Status Dead
Abilities Shardbearer, Surgebinding
Physical Description
Eye Color Light Tan
Occupation Knight Radiant (Edgedancer or Truthwatcher)
Appears in The Way of Kings

The female Shardbearer in one of Dalinar's visions is described as holding something bright: a topaz entwined with a heliodor, both set into a fine metal framework, each stone as big as a man's hand.[1]

When she raises her hand and touches Dalinar's forehead, ice washes across him (as Heb) and his pain is suddenly gone.[1]

When she reaches out and touches Taffa, the flesh on Taffa's arm regrows in an eyeblink; the torn muscle remains where it was, but other flesh just grows where the chunks had been torn out. The skin knits up over it without flaw, and the Shardbearer wipes away the blood and torn flesh with a white cloth.[1]

When Dalinar (still, as Heb), throws himself against the creatures of Midnight Essence, she seems shocked. Then, she and her companion fall into stances forming a triangle with Heb.[1]

Once the fighting has ceased, she allows Heb and Taffa (now carrying their daughter, Seeli) to keep pace with her while returning to their village.[1]

When he asks of her just what year it is, she tells Heb that it is Eighth Epoch, three thirty-seven. When he asks of her in just what kingdom he is in, she tells him that this is Natanatan. When he asks her whether she fights for Natanatan's king, she tells him that the Knights Radiant fight for no king and for all of them. She also tells him that Urithiru is where their orders are centered, but that they live in cities all across Alethela.[1]

Further, she says that it is their duty and privilege, as Radiants, to stay vigilant for the Desolation.[1]

"One kingdom to study the arts of war so that the others might have peace. We die so that you may live. It has ever been our place."[1]
"All who can fight are needed," the woman said. "And all who have a desire to fight should be compelled to come to Alethela. Fighting, even this fighting against the Ten Deaths, changes a person. We can teach you so it will not destroy you. Come to us."[1]
"Every pasture needs three things," the woman said, voice changing, as if she were quoting from memory. "Flocks to grow, herdsmen to tend, and watchers at the rim. We of Alethela are those watchers - the warriors who protect and fight. We maintain the terrible arts of killing, then pass them on to others when the Desolation comes."[1]

Shortly thereafter, Heb asks her if the Desolations mean the Voidbringers (i.e., those which they'd fought that night), to which she replies in the negative; that what they'd fought was Midnight Essence, but that who'd released it was still a mystery.[1]

She then names her companion as Harkaylain, and, after a sudden screaming sound in the night, tells Heb to wait where he is, and to call out if the Essence returns because she will hear if he does, then dashes off into the darkness.[1]


She wears delicate Shardplate which glows with an even amber light, but (initially) no helm. Her eyes almost seem to glow in the night, and her hair is pulled back in a bun. She has light skin - not pale like someone from Shinovar, but a natural light tan, like an Alethi.[1]


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