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Art from Shallan's sketchbook
Drawing by Ben McSweeney

Sketchbook santhid

Art from Shallan's sketchbook
Drawing by Ben McSweeney


Art from Shallan's sketchbook
Drawing by Ben McSweeney

The fauna of Roshar is similar across most of the continent, which has two distinctly different ecological and evolutionary tracts. Most of Roshar revolves around highstorms and its creatures have learned to adapt to its unique environment, though Shinovar has a seemingly Earth-like ecology and creatures, such as chickens.

During winter, most creatures hibernate, waiting for warmth to return.


Roshar has several different forms of fauna, including the following.


  • Axehound: a dog-like creature.[1]
  • Cremling: a crustacean-like creature common in places where crem is found.[2]
  • Greatshell:[3] chasmfiends[4] and chulls.[5]
  • Hasper: a small, two-shelled creature that proliferates during the Weeping.[6]
  • Kurl: a crustacean, about the size of a small axehound. It looks kind of like a cross between a crab and a tortoise. Apparently, they don't live in the environs of the Shattered Plains.[7]
  • Larkin: similar to a cremling, but with wings that fold out and back, and eyes of solid silver.[8][9]
  • Songling: a shelled, fist-sized creature.[1]
  • Whitespine: a reptilian creature, as big as a horse but with carapace across its back.[10] Very hazardous to humans, and hunted by lighteyes for sport.

Also noted are crustaceans like crabs and leggers.


  • Grasper: a small, tentacled creature that feeds on cremlings.[11]
  • Chickens: the only birds on Roshar, they're thought to be strange Shin flying creatures.[12]
  • Khornaks: creatures not yet described, yet clearly hazardous to humans.[13]
  • Gumfrem: a kind of chull-like beast.[14]
  • Kolgril: a lucky type of fish found in the Purelake.[15]
  • Lurg: a small, fist-sized amphibian with slick brown and green skin, it has six legs that it uses to grip stone, and its eyes are in the center of its back. It bounces from rock to rock, looking for insects, leaving patches of mucus behind wherever it lands. It spins its silky cocoon - inside of which it lives within crevices between rocks - by spitting wet silk and using tiny hands to shape it. The cocoon is watertight from the inside, sealed by dried mucus, but easily dissolved by rainwater.[16][17]
  • Pigs: creatures that produce more milk from years of natural genetic modification - breeding and such - in the same way that humans have bred cows over the centuries.[18]
  • Redwaters: creatures not yet described, yet clearly hazardous to humans.[13]
  • Ryshadium: an advanced type of warhorse, capable of choosing its own rider.[19]
  • Santhid: a large marine creature with a great shell, two enormous eyes (one on each side of its head) and grey-blue tentacles.[13]
  • Sarpenthyn: a tentacled creature of small to middling size with two bulbous eyes.[20]
  • Skyeel: an amphibious, flying eel-like creature.[21]
  • Stumpy Cort: an elusive fish that might be capable of locating an individual.[15]

Other more earth-like creatures include hounds, rats, fish, snails, insects, pigs, etc..

Fauna unique to the nation of Shinovar include horses and oxen, as well as winged creatures (e.g., chickens). Further, there are no spren in Shinovar.

Magical Creatures[]


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