Eshonai's Mother
Biographical information
Race Parsh
Gender Female
Status Alive
Abilities Workform
Family Eshonai (daughter), Venli (daughter)
Appears in Words of Radiance,
Oathbringer (mentioned)

Eshonai's mother chose to live in a shack on the very edge of Narak, almost fully exposed to the storms. She worked her shalebark rows outside her home. In continuing to wear workform, even after the discovery of nimbleform, she said that she didn't want to encourage people to see one form as more valuable than another, that such stratification could destroy them.[1]

She has been described as suffering from dementia. Eshonai believes she's no longer fully alive, yet Mother understands that Venli will need a storm for her transformation.[1]

Once, this woman had one of the best memories in the city.[1]

When she sang the old songs, she seemed herself again.[1]

Eshnonai's mother used to say, "Feel the peace of the music. Seek the rhythms. Seek the songs."[2]

She finds bits of Eshonai's "things" in her home and delivers them to her daughter. They are a pile of rocks in which she might've imagined a child's playthings, strips of cloth that she imagined were clothing.[1]

She was dying as surely as Eshonai's people were.[1]


Eshonai's mother wears workform, which she always preferred. She is described as being solid despite her years. She has a neat round face and wears her hair strands in a braid tied with a ribbon given to her by Eshonai.[1]


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