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Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Emuli/Askarki

Emul is a nation/kingdom on Roshar, west of Alethkar. Its capital city is Sesemalex Dar. Its inhabitants are called Emuli.

Emul borders Tashikk to its west; Azir to its north/northwest; mountains and the Valley to its east; and Tukar to its south.

Emul and Tukar are in a constant struggle, coined the Eighty's War, or the Emuli-Tukari Confluct. To date, the fighting between the two has only been happening in the last six years.

Each country has its fair share of soulcasters.


The Emuli are a certain tribe of the Askarki people, and they're ethnically Makabaki, descendants of the Silver Kingdom of Makabakam.[1]

Emuli are dark skinned. Their women favor gowns and head-wraps and robes are favored by the men. Their way of greeting an old friend is by holding the left forefinger to the forehead and bowing in respect. To them the need to strike a man personally is crass. They wage war in the opposite way from Alethi. The sword is not a weapon for a leader. A halberd is better, then a spear, and best of all a bow and arrow.[1]

Their legal system is very lenient toward foreigners. A man who is not of their nationality cannot own a home or shop, but when he visits, he is treated as a relative who has traveled from afar, to be shown all kindness and leniency.[1]

Emuli are known for their expert crem pottery.[1]


Emul is subject to Azir, overseen by a prime, and is in no position to stand on its own in a meeting at Urithiru after the war with Tukar. Further, the Voidbringer assault had broken the princedom into pieces.[2]


The Emuli religion contains some Vorin ideas, but differs in fundamental ways and each considers the other as a splinter religion. Emuli worship Jezrien, though they don't accept him as one of the Heralds from the Vorin religion, but name him the only god.[1]

The pattern of the capital city, Sesemalex Dar, is central to their religion. It is claimed that it was a gift to them by the Heralds and named along with the kingdom by Jezrien.[1]

Notable People[]