Elhokar Kholin
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Born 1147
Status Dead
Abilities Shardbearer
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Green
Social Information
Title(s) Brightlord, King of Alethkar (former)
Family House Kholin
Occupation King
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Elhokar Kholin was the King of Alethkar, son of former King Gavilar and former Queen Navani and younger brother of now Queen Jasnah. He was 27 years of age and a Shardbearer; his Shardblade is called Sunraiser. Unlike his uncle, Dalinar, and cousin, Adolin, Elhokar did not ride a Ryshadium, although he did ride one of the best horses among Shin stock named Vengeance.[1]

Elhokar had an intense fear of assassination due to the way in which his father was killed.[2] His fear was often misplaced and he saw trivial things as acts of aggression toward him by unseen enemies. He had doubts about his ability as a king, despite the assurances of his uncle, Dalinar.

While he was the Alethi King, he was absent from his kingdom and held his court on the borders of the Shattered Plains, along with ten Highprinces, at war with the Parshendi and seeking to fulfill the Vengeance Pact. It is possible that he had an ability associated with Shadesmar, akin to that of Shallan, since he too saw strange creatures with symbols and shapes for their heads, although he appeared to see them directly rather than through drawings as Shallan does.

"I see their faces in mirrors. Symbols, twisted, inhuman."[3]

And yet ...

"When you came, the shadows went away."

"The ... shadows?"

"I saw them in mirrors, in the corners of my eyes. I could swear I even heard them whispering, but you frightened them. I haven't seen them since. There's something about you. Don't try to deny it."

–Elhokar to Kaladin[3]

After an assassination attempt on his life, whereby Elhokar had nearly bled to death, and his subsequent recovery, Elhokar insisted that his uncle had usurped his position as king. He told his uncle that Dalinar could retain Urithiru as his own, but that Kholinar was his and he would reclaim it.[4] While on a mission to open the Honor Gate in Kholinar, Elhokar was impaled by a spear through his chest by Moash, and then through the eye as well, all the while holding his son, and he was killed.[5]


Elhokar had a bold face with a prominent nose. He had pale green eyes. He was described as handsome, but not so much as Adolin.[citation needed]


Elhokar was a good man, both by Dalinar and Kaladin's standards, though the latter believed him to be rather spoiled. However, Elhokar was also used to being surrounded by domineering people of various sorts.[6] He is paranoid, due in part to his father, Gavilar, having been assassinated by Szeth.[2]


  • Gavilar - It isn't apparent that Elhokar had much of a relationship with his father before or after Gavilar's death.
  • Navani - Elhokar believed that his mother's marriage to Dalinar would make his mother happy.[4]
  • Jasnah - Jasnah and Elhokar were the sort of siblings both used to doing their own thing and getting their own way. They both learned to stay out of one another’s business. Since he was used to being surrounded by domineering people, having a domineering sister was no different.[7]
  • Aesudan - That Elhokar abandoned his wife to rule in Kholinar so that he might reign on the Shattered Plains seems telling about his relationship with his wife.
  • Gavinor - That Elhokar abandoned his child in Kholinar so that he might reign on the Shattered Plains seems telling about his relationship with his son. But that he attempted to rescue his son from his compromised wife is evidence that he valued his son and wanted him to survive.[8]
  • Dalinar - Elhokar acknowledged to his uncle that Dalinar was always sorry for his actions with regard to the good of Alethkar. Still, this didn't deny the fact that Dalinar had - step-by-step - usurped the throne, despite claiming all along that he'd had no intention of doing so.[4]
  • Evi- There is a complete lack of information with regard to Elhokar's relationship with his aunt.
  • Adolin - If there was a relationship between Elhokar and Adolin, it has not yet been referenced.
  • Renarin - If there was a relationship between Elhokar and Renarin, it has not yet been referenced.


  • Gavilar - Father (deceased)
  • Navani - Mother
  • Jasnah - Sister and Queen of Alethkar
  • Aesudan - Wife
  • Gavinor - Son[9][8]
  • Dalinar - Uncle
  • Evi - Aunt (deceased)
  • Adolin - Cousin
  • Renarin - Cousin


Brandon has said that Elhokar was going to be a Lightweaver, but that he was doomed from a long time ago.[10]