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Point of view: Lift, Wyndle
Setting: Yeddaw

Lift creeps closer to the voices, on of them definitely Darkness. The others are initiates, a Makabaki man and a Reshi woman. Darkness insists that if the bonds between men and spren are reignited, a chain reaction will occur resulting in a Desolation. A fourth voice joins the conversation indicating that Darkness is wrong; that the Voidbringers had already returned. Darkness contradicts him, confident in his information gleaned from Ishar. This fourth voice turns out to be Szeth, who questions Darkness' insistence. Darkness says this is a weakness and goes on to expound upon the unique qualities of the Skybreakers.

Lift then extricates herself from the situation, returns to the room through which she originally entered, climbs out into the tree and down, then runs into an alley where she collapses. Wyndle then mentions what the others called Darkness: Nin, Nalan, the Herald. He states they thought the Heralds had gone away, that even Cultivationspren have legends about that, and what were they going to do. Lift responds that she doesn't know and wanders back toward the immigrant quarter.

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