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Point of view: Lift, Wyndle
Setting: Yeddaw

Lift tails Darkness in daylight with some difficulty in maneuvering. She remains inconspicuous and doesn't use her awesomeness. Upon reaching a market, Lift watches as an older girl swipes a whole basket of fruit, yet runs directly toward Darkness, who snatches her from the crowd. He returns the fruit to the shopkeeper and doesn't flinch as the girl throws a piece of fruit at him, then bites his finger. As he looks at her, the girl cringes, then seems to panic, reaches for her knife, brandishes it, and swipes it at Darkness' arm. He easily slaps the weapon away with his empty hand, then summons his Shardblade and rams it through the girl's chest up to its hilt. The shopkeeper is stunned and confronts Darkness with what he's done. Darkness explains himself away then, and without further concern, continues on his way. Lift tries to revive the girl, but it's too late. Wyndle believes this was because she was killed by a Shardblade. Lift then stares down the shopkeeper as she eats some of his fruit and chases after Darkness.

Lift follows Nale to an enormous cistern around the outside ledge of which he walks. She joins the flows of people and loses sight of him, then slips back into the city proper. Lift then turns a corner and sees him enter a building and shut the door. She creeps up beside the building and decides she's going to have to find a way to break into it. She hunkers down and releases some of her awesomeness into a tree, which grows toward the sky and fills in its canopy. The vines of the tree would cover her as she broke in a window, five or six feet up! She climbs into the tree and lets the vines therein wind around the branches, drinking of her Stormlight, then twist around her arms and squeeze through cracks in the windows' shutters. The vines stretch up and inside the shutters and open them for her to slip into a room filled with swords and sparring leathers. In a hallway, she hears voices. In another room, she finds maps, books, and spanreeds.

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