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Point of view: Lift, Wyndle
Setting: Yeddaw

Lift wasn't supposed to be able to touch Wyndle, but she could. This was useful at times like the present when she was jumping and needed something to hold onto. It slowed her descent to a hard landing, then she was able to dash into an alley. People crowded behind her and, in minutes, all that was left of the wagonload of grain were a few husks.

Wyndle compliments her generosity. She says she just wanted something soft to land on if he was snoozing. She takes notice of the people in the immigrant quarter and the buildings, comparing them to those of other places she's been. There are shanties and even the most rickety of constructions are all up on stilts four feet or so in the air. Lift compares it to the Purelake.

Wyndle complains that everywhere they go, people look at them as if they're going to pick their pockets. Then, without naming him, he brings up Ym and what a nice co-existence he could've had with the cobbler. He also then reiterates that she's going to slam him into people, that he's going to be a weapon. Lift is clueless as to what he's talking about. She thinks her pet Voidbringer is messed up in the brain.

Having pinched a little book from the guard room, Lift flips through its pages. Wyndle spreads out over the book and its pages. He determines that it is a logbook for guard duty. Lift thought she could sell it for food and instead tosses it over her shoulder. It hits a woman, and a guard, who believes Lift assaulted the woman, pursues Lift as she runs away.

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