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Point of view: Lift
Setting: Yeddaw

Lift tells Wyndle he doesn't have to be a sword. He says he must be metal. That there is a connection between a spren's power, when condensed, and metal. Lift doesn't care about swords. Wyndle does wonder what he'd look like as one. He sayd there is something stately about a Shardblade, something to be displayed. He thinks he would make a fine one. Very regal.

Lift hears the Stump talking to someone. The Stump then comes upstairs to Lift's room carrying a large plate of pancakes. Lift stuffs her face. It had been Mik's mother at the door, come to collect him.

The city of Yeddaw was a mess following the storm. Fortunately, not as bad as it could've been. Lift wants to know about the rest of the empire.

The Stump admits she's been healing the children. Lift says she should have a weird little thing hanging around her. A spren, says the Stump. Like light reflected on a wall from a mirror. Lift says that will do and congratulates her on being a Knight Radiant. The Stump thinks that Knights Radiant would be more majestic. Lift summons Wyndle in the shape of a large, shimmering, silvery Shardfork, then stabs him into the pancakes. Someone pounds on the door below and the Stump hastens to meet with who it is.

Lift then dismisses Wyndle and he forms back into a vine and curls up onn the wall. A short time later, Ghenna steps in the room. Judging by the way the Stump practically scrapes the ground bowing to the woman, Lift surmises that maybe Ghenna is more important than she'd assumed. Lift asks her how the empire is doing, to which Ghenna replies that it's surviving, but it's in chaos. Ghenna unpacks her spanreed board, paper, and pen and states that His Imperial Majesty has asked after her health. Lift's response is irrelevant to the situation. Ghenna then reads Gawx's message and nearly jumps out of her boots in surprise. Lift smiles and grabs a pancake from her pocket. She acknowledges that the Stump had been visited by Darkness because of herself. She believes that sort of thing earned one a debt. In recompense, she tosses the pancake, then uses the Stormlight she'd gleaned from those she'd eaten to start healing the wounds of the refugees.

Hauka watches in silence, holding her pancake, as Lift moves along the line breathing out Stormlight on everyone. For Lift, this is hard work but that's what pancakes were for; making kids feel better. Once done, and out of Stormlight, Lift tiredly waves and strides onto the plain outside the city. Wyndle comments that her actions were extremely benevolent of her. It doesn't seem to Lift as though it made much of a difference, but that those people were the type that were forgotten and ignored by most. Lift knows that a better Knight than herself might stay and heal everyone, but she also knows that something larger is coming. She knows she needs to get back to Azir. Wyndle queries of Lift that he was a very regal fork ... wasn't he? She grins, cocks her head, then states that she's starting to think he might not be a Voidbringer after all.