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Point of view: Lift
Setting: Yeddaw

Lift makes her way through Tashikk to the city of Yeddaw. It is a majestic city cut out of the ground a hundred years back by the hired Imperial Shardblades of Azir. Huge trenches interconnect like a huge maze making a vague spiral toward the center. Lift has come there to hide. She thinks she should get herself a Shardblade, noting that Darkness had one, and queries of Wyndle his knowledge about them. She threatens to eat him when he won't tell her. However, he does say that he'll not have her hitting people with him.

Lift tells Wyndle that Darkness is in Yeddaw, to which he responds with incredulity, wondering why she would chase that monster. She replies that they have pancakes here and that it seemed like a good place as any. She also says that Darkness has been seen other places too and that he's been killing people there. (He had been in the palace in Azir and nearly murdered Lift because he'd wanted to stop her from using her powers.)

Hungry, Lift gets in line with the people wanting into the city and notices that everyone around them is Makabaki. She assumes that the guards at the gate will have food and sneaks beneath a chull wagon toward the front of the line. When Wyndle suggests she could've bought food, she tells him she ditched their coin because one can't get robbed if one doesn't have money.

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