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Point of view: Lift
Setting: Yeddaw

The going was hard. She couldn't get too close, paths branched, and it was dark. She followed them though, through the building and into the city. The man and woman suck in Stormlight from spheres and rise into the air. The assassin declines to do so on account of the day he "died." The pair then rise higher and shoot out across the city.

Szeth speaks to Lift, indicating she's the one Darkness is looking for. She says she's nobody. Szeth eventually says he believes the aftermath in his mind following the killings he's committed has made him a raving madman. Lift points out that he didn't attack her. He states that the sword likes her. She asks him if he knows where the pair is going. He describes what the pair believe to be a Lightweaver. He also describes an injunction forbidding Surgebinding that Nin has procured. Lift then asks him if the Herald is wrong about the Voidbringers, because they are back. Because he's mad, Szeth says who is he to say. He thinks the Herald is too. Lift says she likes crazy people, but asks him if he can tell her where the other two are going. He describes a philosopher in the immigrant quarter with whom Lift is quite familiar. Szeth asks her if she'll fight two journeymen Skybreakers with a Herald waiting in the wings. She says she doesn't know but that she has to go anyway.

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