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Point of view: Lift
Setting: Yeddaw

Ghenna confirms to Lift that there was another team of scribes, led by Bidlel, out of Room 232 in the Grand Indicium. She also confirms Lift's description of the woman who hired them. Lift thanks her, gives her a hug, then dashes out of the room, directly away from the Indicium's storm shelter. She asks Wyndle to find the room indicated and they hurry through the building as it increasingly empties.

Lift feels for the parshmen being left out in the storm, even though Wyndle says they're probably turning into Voidbringers. Yet, she wouldn't leave him out in a storm.

Wyndle leads the way up two floors, then he starts counting. Lift tells him to shut up and they hear the voices of Darkness's two trainees in conversation. The two walk past and, thankful, didn't glance down the hall toward Lift. She waits and the assassin soon follows, the two, talking to his sword. He leaves a faint afterimage glow in his wake. Lift then nervously follows the group who stop at the right door, and one produces a key. The apprentices slip into the room while the assassin sits down on the floor across from the doorway. He sits mostly still, but when he does move, he leaves that fading afterimage behind. Lift states that she has to get into that room ... past the assassin. Wyndle volunteers because he doesn't believe the others' spren will be able to see him. Even though he knows it's dangerous, Wyndle decides to do it. He shoots out into the corridor, a vine that grows along the corner where wall meets floor. The assassin doesn't look up. Wyndle reaches the doorway and, after tense moments for Lift, zips back out of the room into the hallway and rejoins her. The two apprentices leave the room a moment later. With Lift and Wyndle tucked into a side corridor, the man and woman don't see them as they pass by. Then the assassin passes ... and stops, looking in her direction. He tosses a sphere toward her and as it rolls near her, she knows - meeting his gaze - that he can see her.

Szeth pulls his sword out of its sheath just enough so black smoke pours from the blade. Lift feels a sudden, terrible nausea. Szeth studies her, sheaths the blade, then leaves, following the other two, while that faint afterimage trails behind him. In moments, all three are gone. Lift and Wyndle are vastly relieved.

Wyndle states that the pair had an entire study done to identify oddities in the city, but he doesn't know what they determined. However, he knows that they know who the pair is, and they're headed there now to perform an execution. he suggests they follow, to which Lift agrees.

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