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Point of view: Lift
Setting: Yeddaw

Lift climbs Wyndle's vines up to the top of an alley and over the edge into a field. Farmers grumbles; it was supposed to be the Weeping, raining constantly. Lift passes by the farmers, listening ... to hear. They weren't supposed to work this time of year, yet they did, wondering whether it would rain tomorrow and wash away all their work, wondering it it would ever rain again.

Ahead of Lift is the Grand Indicium, the central point of the city, from which the land slopes away. Wyndle inquires of her what the plan is to get into the building. She states that they'll get in there, he'll read the books therein, and they'll then decide where strange events were. That will lead them to Darkness' lunch. Wyndle states that it's far more than he can read so it's not happening. She attempts to bargain with him, then accuses him of whining. She reasons that since Darkness wants the person killed by that night, they have to get in soon. They have to be smart, devious ... she decides to steal some important-looking clothes.