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Point of view: Lift, Wyndle
Setting: northern Tashikk

Lift's story continues beginning in beginning in northern Tashikk, over a week's travel from Azimir. She "slides' through a field despite Wyndle's protest that they go back. She slides and feels free until hitting a rock and finally a tree. Wyndle pleads with her again but Lift considers herself to have escaped Azimir, believing that the people there were going to eat her. Their generosity overwhelmed her, so she ran. Having eaten Prime Aqasix Gawx's dinner beforehand, Lift believes she left him a not saying goodbye; Wyndle believes otherwise. That Lift can draw "awesomeness" from food, readers are aware. However, once that food runs out, she can't do anything incredible again until she has more to eat. She shoves a handkerchief in her mouth thinking it might have crumbs on it. Wyndle chides her for Surgebinding so much and professes he could have been gardening had they stayed at the palace. He reminds her that the Ring chose him for the atrocious duty of bonding with her as her spren, which gives her the powers of an Edgedancer. She still thinks of him as a Voidbringer ... and of herself as ann individual; one that didn't change. The world was supposed to change around her. This was what she'd asked the Nightwatcher for.

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