Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Occupation Soldier
Appears in Oathbringer

Dym is a soldier among Dalinar's elites of thirty-four years ago. He tosses a poleaxe to Dalinar so that he might finish off an enemy, which Dalinar then tosses back at him. After a gesture toward the dying man from Dalinar, Dym then rams a sword into the armored man's armpit, finishing the job.[1]

After noticing that Dalinar's sword, which had been handed to him by another soldier, had a chip in it the size of a thumb, and looked like it had been bent as well, Dym tells Dalinar that he was supposed to stick it into the squishy parts, not pound it against the hard parts.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Dym asks Dalinar if he is all right, to which Dalinar replies that he'd never been better.[1]


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